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headlong, and kindled into flame

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"She makes Victorian wood-cuts depicting Centauri tentacle pr0n. Really." - lizamanynames

"hobsonphile graduated from the TV School of Medical Sciences summa cum laude and has an excellent taste in 'hospital shows.'" - bimo

"She falls for someone like Vir Cotto from Babylon 5, and that makes her a fine woman indeed!" - jason_bond_69


Current Fannish Thoughts (in the style of fandomsecrets):

Are you scared yet? You should be. *veg*


As of October, 2005, I am a participant in The fanfic100 Challenge:

My Big Damn Table o' Vir Fic

My Big Damn Table o' Pegasus Fic

My Big Damn Table o' Saul Tigh Fic

I'm also the mun behind companyclerk and vir_cotto_tm (and sometimes, when time allows, timov_of_algul and londos_torment) and the admin for Enemies and Allies- the Narn/Centauri Archive. My One True Fandom is Babylon 5, but I also currently enjoy M*A*S*H, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Farscape, Blake's 7, BtVS/AtS, Firefly, SG1/SGA, Scrubs, Trek, St. Elsewhere, and House, M.D..

I am somewhat bisexual, definitely bitextual, and right-of-center, but welcoming. I have a fondness for some slash and a lot of gen. I love meta and silliness alike, and I tend to keep my journal a happy, cordial place.

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Affiliated Communities:

Celebrating Corporal Walter "Radar" O'Reilly

Dispatches from the Temple Gates

Colonial Press Corps

Fic Pensieve

Friendship Manifesto

Victorian Maidens of Fanfic

Soap Opera Cliche Challenge

Universe Today - A Babylon 5 Newsletter

Victorian Sex Cry Challenge

John Adams on HBO

My Sites:

A million thanks to berry and Ranger One at JumpNow for the shiny banners!

And thanks also to ruuger, stoffel, and iamsab for the rad Centauri/Narn iconage.

I belong to the following fanlistings:

adama/roslin, adama/tigh, american revolution, ampersand, ancient rome, astronomy, babylon 5, battlestar galactica, bj hunnicut, blake's 7, buffy the vampire slayer, c.s. lewis, catholicism, child-like, classical era, colin mochrie, colonel potter, conservative fanboys, conservative fangirls, crais/aeryn, daniel jackson, dark angstiness, deep space nine, discovery health, doctor who, dr. house, early edition, education, ellen tigh, ellen/saul, elliot axelrod, epidemiology, expanding the trek vision, fan fiction, fanfic, farscape, father mulcahy, firefly, g'kar, gallows humor, gay conservative, gay republican, gen, geology, giles and buffy, goth space stations, harry potter, hawkeye, henry blake, het, history, homocons, house md, innocence, jack o'neill, james lileks, john adams, kaylee frye, kira, klinger, laura roslin, log cabin republicans, londo and vir, londo mollari, londo/adira, londo/g'kar, londo/timov, m*a*s*h, mash, mathnet, medicine, meta, moya, mystery diagnosis, neville longbottom, odo, odo/kira, pilot, playwrights, politics, pro-bush, pro-life, pro-school choice, pro-war, radar, radar and hawkeye, radar and henry, radar and potter, regency era, religion, rheumatoid arthritis, river tam, rpg, rupert giles, saul tigh, scott guber, scrubs, severus snape, sherlock holmes, simon and river, simon tam, slash, st. elsewhere, star trek, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, stark, stark and john, stark defense league, stark/aeryn, stark/zhaan, stephen furst, subtext, talyn, teal'c, the sisko, timov, trapper, victorian era, victorian erotica, vila restal, vintage porn, vir cotto, vir/senna, weather, weyoun, william adama