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londovir- by iamsab


I attempted to watch the first three hours of Firefly, the BSG mini, and the first two episodes of BSG today, but I'm afraid I was way too sick and drugged to make it all the way through six hours of BSG without falling asleep for a little while during 33 and Water. I'm going to have to watch those episodes again to really appreciate them. *sigh*

I'm also way too sick to provide intelligent commentary on either show, so what you're going to get instead is a few comments and fangirly chirps on Firefly, for which I was most alert. For example: Kaylee is so cute, OMG! I just want to put her little freckled self next to Vir and Stark on my shelf. *g* I can tell already, though, that if I ever write Firefly fic, it will probably focus on Simon and River. The filial love! The damage! The mystery! And yeah, you all probably already knew these would be the characters I would go for, huh? ;)

Sinuses, stop throbbing! *sick!flail*


You poor soul. Hope the sinuses will relent soon.

And yes, Kaylee is cute.*g* As for Simon and River, rejoice, for that is the arc Joss will deal with in the movie! (As Firefly was cruelly cancelled, he couldn't wrap up everyone's storylines, obviously.) There is lots of great development ahead on the show for them, too, and we find out a bit more about what happened to River, their family background (cue flashbacks), etc. And didn't the pilot rock? Stupid Fox TV didn't broadcast it at all, so you can imagine viewers were a wee bit confused.

Simon, refusing to treat Kaylee unless Mal brings him and River to safety: shows you in one stroke just how desperate he is and how far he will go for his sister.
Bad sinuses! Bad!

Kaylee sure is cute. I wishwishwish there had been more seasons so we could have developed her more. But that pretty much goes for everyone. Grumble.

Feel better!
*just hugs*
Hey, don't give up!!!