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londovir- by iamsab

When LJ is down, I spend money I don't have, alas.

Weeping with ennui, I went on a small Amazon shopping spree and ordered the BSG mini, the FS mini, and the first two volumes of Sandman. I also just received notice that the second season of B7 has been dispatched from Amazon.co.uk. My father's going to kill me when he sees my account. But! But! The shiny! *points* *flails*


OOC 'cause my account's still down

*clings to LJ* It's back!

Yay! for shiny things! *g*
The shiny seduces us all! *g*
Ooh, Sandman! You're embarking on a new and wondrous obsession, my dear. Do keep us updated on your progress.
I *love* the icon :)

And Sandman is indeed very good. Enjoy!
One can never spend too much money on Sandman...or other shiny things...*goes back to her daily Neil Gaiman worshipping*