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londovir- by iamsab

Day 4, Mom update/"Five Things..." tease

Mom came home yesterday and she seems to be well on her way to recovery. Over the past few days, I've been watching Dad tend to her stomach tube and prepare her food. The tube is temporary, but I'm going to be caring for it later this week while Dad is away on a business trip.

Meanwhile, I've been working on the remaining segment of "Five Things..." Looking at this now, I think I'm going shuffle the order a bit. The as yet unfinished IV is going to be moved to III, while "Beaten/Broken" will be moved to IV. The unfinished segment (which is entitled "Calling") is by far the longest of the five and to me it makes sense for the longest segment to be placed in the middle.

Teaser for "Calling"


“Understanding will come in time…”

In the early days of his exile, sadness and shame overwhelmed Vir so completely that restful sleep repeatedly eluded him. The Minbari began to refer to him as zhalen ra duma, wanderer of the night, and it was decided that Vir would learn how to meditate to cope with his grief.

How very strange he must’ve looked sitting in silence and staring into the candlelight! Vir had never communed with the gods in this manner. It was not the Centauri way.

But then, the Centauri way had never been his way. Not really. He had toasted with Londo at the Celebration of Life. He had devoured Centauri comedy and gloried in Centauri opera. But many corners of Centauri life were closed to Vir… and this was never made more clear than when Londo had to stop and explain some aspect of Centauri culture that Vir’s guardians and tutors had never thought to teach him.

“Wisdom belongs to no race…”

The Minbari spoke to a part of Vir’s soul he had never known existed. They said that the candle represented life. They said that all life was born from the same stardust and it was only the ego that forgot, that believed itself superior to the rest. They said that each flame, each life, was unique, but equal to all the others in its creation. They said all of these things and Vir knew in his hearts that they were true. Yet he still felt like an imposter, a foreigner chanting words that were not his to speak.

How was he, Vir Cotto, man of two worlds yet belonging to none, supposed to pray?


I've also given the whole story a title- "Missing Light". The meaning of that title is probably obvious. *eg*


If this is the teaser ...

... I can't wait for the whole thing! There's a bad shortage of really good (no, make that any) Vir fic out there.

Then you're in luck.

The Vir muse has been chatting with me quite a bit the past few weeks. Londo's quite amazed that his protege and friend has so much to say. I keep telling Londo that Vir's been so quiet only because Londo won't shut up and that Vir has only held his tongue out of deference to his elder! *g*

Of course, even that doesn't stop Londo from butting in from time to time. He's kind of pushy that way. *g*

Very intriguing!

So Vir remains on Minbar? Returns to Minbar after a certain point in canon? In any case: go, you! I remain hooked.

*evil cackles*

You'll see. *eg*