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londovir- by iamsab

I didn't expect THAT to happen.


*hugs Vir tightly*

*sobs into pillow*

ETA: Alas, the fact that I've gotten him drunk now means I can't do that at New Years. Drat. And I was looking forward to the wrong!slash. *g*


See, that's the difference between Londo and Vir. When Londo gets angst, he also gets laid.*g*

Also: And I was looking forward to the wrong!slash. *g*

I think you proved an earlier point there...
*sticks out tongue*

I was joking. And not just about Stark/Vir. There were also discussions of a possible John/Aeryn/Cally three-way, as I recall. *g* I was going to have a Spin the Bottle game and everything, to continue our tradition of incorporating teenagedgirl!games into our big parties. *g*
Just out of plain curiosity, how does the spin the bottle game work? I missed that one during my teenaged girlhood.*g*
Pretty much how it sounds. Everyone sits in a circle with a bottle placed in the middle. The players take turns spinning the bottle. Whomever the mouth of the bottle points to, the spinner has to kiss. *g* In some variations, if spinner and victim are paired again by the bottle, they have to spend two minutes in a closet together. *g*

By the way, if you want, you can come visit a hung-over Vir here.
That's a great idea for a Centauri party if ever I heard one. If it doesn't happen on New Year, I'll have Londo suggest it on another occasion.*g*
There were also discussions of a possible John/Aeryn/Cally three-way, as I recall.

That was in jest too... well, except for the crowbar bit. As to mistletoe---been there, done that.

That doesn't mean you can't still have Spin the Bottle, though. ;-)
Of course you can still do it at New Year's! In fact, you ought to. I would love to see a happy-drunk or thinks-he's-funny-drunk Vir.
Well, the trouble with that idea is that I think Vir might be avoiding alcohol for a little while. *g*
Heck, I was looking forward to the drunk!vir!wrong!slash too. I t can still happen, darnit!

(You didn't expect people here to say "no, no, don't do it!" did you?)
If you can figure out a way to believably insert a Spin the Bottle game... *g* Normally, Londo would do that, but Londo's going to be... occupied, shall we say. *g*
Hmmm. I don't think Chesh knows about Spin the Bottle, but Bunny might. I'll have to get him pretty drunk first, but seeing as all the glasses are Centauri-sized and outside of Wonderland he's pretty much rabbit-sized...
Ah, well, I doubt the wrong!slash would have happened, anyway, as Stark's girlfriend threatened to get all hurt, and now he won't let me make any evil plans. Party pooper. :)

We should so play spin the bottle, though. Heh. Stark thinks he's played it, but what he really played was Truth or Dare with, for some reason, a bottle involved...

Btw, at some point when I'm slightly caught up on things and my brain is working again after my vacation, we really ought to get together and figure out what we want to do while we're in the B5 universe. Unfortunately, the B7 folks are caught up in the middle of several complicated plot twists, at least one of them quite unforseen and unwelcome, so I don't know what we're going to be doing next, and whether adventures with Vir will have to wait or not. We're definitely coming to the party, regardless. Hey, do you have any good ideas for how to get the Mumak into the B5 universe?
Usually, we retcon folks into our universe using the Great Machine. *g*

As for a discussion meeting- theatrical_b5b7 might be a good central gathering place.
Cool. I'll suggest theatrical_b5b7 to the B7 gang. I'm not actually a member, not, y'know, having either a B7 or B5 character, technically speaking, but by this point I think Stark counts as an honorary B7-er. Though we might need to talk to the other FS people at some point, too.

Handy thing, the Great Machine. I think there was some concern over whether the rest of the crew would be up for a party, even if their muns wanted to play, so I suggested that maybe Stark could just take them there somehow without asking. Because he has his heart set on going and is, you know, impulsive. If transportation is coming from your end, I guess all he'd have to do is tell you to have Draal transport everybody. :)
Yep, really, that's all there is to it. *g*

I have to admit, I was concerned about your contingent after reading recent developments. Then again, Vir is a wonderful person to have nearby in the face of tragedy.
Yes, he really, really is. :)