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londovir- by iamsab

Merry Christmas!

Now, to pimp HobsonphileMom, costume and interior designer, a little holiday picspam featuring some of her seasonal artistry:

All of this- along with years of choral experience- has turned me into a terrible Christmas elitist. I've been reared since birth to wince at holiday kitsch, both musical and visual, and I do relatively reliably.* Typical holiday radio music especially puts me in a faintly grumpy mood. If I have to hear "Santa Baby" or "Jingle Bells" one more time...

*betrays populist impulse with abandon*

*Unless we're talking about putting Vir in a Santa hat. *g*

ETA: Oh em gee! crys20, I'm going to kill you! *is hypnotized by Santa badgers*

ETA II, Electric Boogaloo: rogersmith_bigo has now taken Vir to a bar to pick up chicks. *squees with happiness at the cuteness*


Thank God for RogerSmith!mun! She always makes me wish I had more time for RP. And less time to think about things like picking up DeadCartagiaGod as a 4th muse, pretty much just for writing (I mean, who the heck would want to talk to him? Vir? Londo? G'Kar? Gyehhhh....).

The winter when I was working in a store made me want to strangle people every time I heard radio Christmas music. Two of my co-workers automatically switched it on the instant they showed up. Another one was my personal hero; she always had on "1080am,boston'ssooouuullstation" no matter what season it was.

I appear to be rambling. Really, someone should put a keyboard-lock on my computer to prevent writing before 7 am.
omgCartagia! Dooo iiiiit! You can haunt Vir all spooky like. *g* And/or, we can do what we plan to do with Emperor Turhan and go out of the standard timeline to interact with Cartagia while he's still alive.
I might. I really might. I think I'd rather do him dead and haunty and being a bratty and utterly disreputable god. I gotta think about it, though. I mean, it's not like actually have time for it, but does that really matter?
Of course it doesn't matter! Dooo iiiit! *g*