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There's nothing like pimping one's friends to make a girl happy. *g*

Today, I've been wasting the day away (read: procrastinating on my homework) in Sparky-ville, flooding the nominations pool with LJ-ers. And since I can't pimp on the form itself (dammit!), I'm going to pimp right here.

astrogirl2 for the Lifetime Achievement Award!

Yes, that was me. Although I'm pretty sure you've figured it out by now. ;)

I nominated Astro for the big time not only for what she's done for Stark, although that's definitely part of it, but for her range. Because I asked her to do a difficult thing and write Rygel/Crais and she did it with Unrequited. Because she can write a love triangle between Stark, John and Aeryn that is so beautiful and hurty and omg! Because, on command, she can crank out 700 words of Noranti porn, or a few hundred words bringing Zen from B7 and Stark together. And let's not forget the infamous Moya/Giant Space Squid! You name it, she's probably written it- or she will write it in the future. I have my definite comfort zones. Astro writes all over the map. I admire that.

redstarrobot, meanwhile, brings a fresh new perspective to, well, just about anything. And she will not let her arguments die. Which is a good personality trait to have if you're a promoter of unconventional pairings, which RSR most certainly is. I'm not entirely certain she won't eventually convince me that Stark/Aeryn is the OTP to end all OTP's. *g* In the meantime, witness what she has done for Stark by changing the POV and the setting. Her ideas are truly original.

Lastly, there's florastuart, who first wooed me with a gorgeous piece of Pilot angst (actually, in truth, I first became aware of Flora in another fandom entirely- do also read her B5 fic, Strange Meeting, featuring a certain mad emperor and my baby, Vir). More recently, she has also convinced me of the wonderful pain of Crais/Aeryn with the lovely Simple Things. And there is promise of more angsty smut in the future! Flora is most certainly a talent to watch.

If I know you and you have not been pimped here yet, don't be insulted. You're probably next! ;) kernezelda, simplystars, andrastewhite, selenak, everyone- I love you all!
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