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londovir- by iamsab


It's just enough to freeze the hair on a hobbit's toes. And that's my baby on the bottom right.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmaaas...


It needs to hurry up and snow here! All we've had so far are a few flurries; noting that sticks.
I miss the snow! :(
*envies* My first thought this morning after waking up was "yay, snow!!!", because my windows was all white and looked there was snow lying on it (I live under the roof, and it's tilted) - excitedly I got up to take a closer look, only to realize that it was merely frozen over *sniff*

We never get White Christmas here...
Maybe you Hessians don't, but we Bavarians do. Snow, snow, snow everywhere in Munich since three days.*g*
Bah, I know! But here in the Oberrheingraben it's just too warm *sigh* I haven't given up hope yet, though ;)
Lovely snow pic! But why have you stolen my husband's car??? *g*