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astrogirl2: Did I scare you?

Apologies. I was just kidding. Honest. ;)


Hmm... you'd probably have to pry him off her with a crowbar, though. Assuming they even make it to B5 in time for the party, I wonder how far away he'd let her get, in a room with mistletoe... :)
I don't think you'd need a crowbar to get them apart... Stark's pretty good about giving Cally her space. :)
I meant you'd need a crowbar... or maybe a stun weapon of some sort, hmm... to get John away from Aeryn in a room full of mistletoe. ;-)

That would pack an Earth wallop like you can't imagine.

::rolls eyes::
Oh! Oh, no problem, Cally's got a stun weapon. And a fabulous gown, as well. :)