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astrogirl2: Did I scare you?

Apologies. I was just kidding. Honest. ;)


That's not the impression she gave me. Mind you, I do remember him saying he wouldn't do anything without discussing it with her first. And it'd upset him if he got drunk and forgot. :)
Hey, Vir will be upset too. Not to mention embarassed. ;)
It'd upset her, too. Especially so close to when Stark's leaving and all, when they have so little time together, and it's one of the few parties they'll, like, ever be able to go to, and maybe one of the few she'll live long enough to enjoy... (Guilt trip working yet?) :)
Wait a microt... isn't this the same woman who's gone off on potentially fatal adventures and scared the pants off Stark more than once? ;)
Alas, there is a sad double standard in their relationship. ;)
But only because Stark's got a baby dependent on him. It's not like anyone except Stark is happy about this double-standard. :)