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astrogirl2: Did I scare you?

Apologies. I was just kidding. Honest. ;)


Hoooo, boy.
The really scary thing is, I think I can come up with a plausible scenario. Londo will not be in attendance (unless Se's plans change at the last minute), so Vir will be feeling the stress of running things in his absence. Stress leads to unintended imbibing... etc.

Poor thing will have a hell of a hang over, though. And no one to, uh, hold his hair...
Aaaargh! Somebody, stop them! :)
Heh. Where is this taking place? B5?

This promises to be quite entertaining. :)
It's not taking place damn it! It's merely, um, speculation! That's all ! :)
I'll only let them go through with it on the condition that Aeryn's mistletoe quiz result and a similar quantity of alcohol mean Cally's got alternative company for the evening once Tentacle-Boy's stolen Stark away. :)
You'll never get her to go along with that, married woman that she is and all. :)
Kerne says that John's quiz has Cally kissing him under the mistletoe... *sniffles for poor Stark*
Wow. So Cally gets both of them?

By the way, Vir would need six carrots... *eg*
Hey, now, he doesn't mind Aeryn, especially if they let him watch, but he's not nearly so sure about John... :)
I think it's fair. She has him when there's no mistletoe. :)
Where is this taking place? B5?

Yep. The public invitation should be going up next week. *g*
And no one to, uh, hold his hair...

Which is why someone has to end up staying the night. And thank GOD all my characters are imaginary talking animals with imaginary NPC girlfriends so I can suggest all kinds of naughty things to other people without having to worry about it myself.
*bursts into giggles*
*looks innocent*
*has maturity level of 13-year-old*