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astrogirl2: Did I scare you?

Apologies. I was just kidding. Honest. ;)


Oh, damn! No chaperone!

And... they don't have to really remember it either. The whole idea of the Centauri Celebration of Life is to get so drunk, you pass out.

AIEE, indeed!

And, man, um, Stark also gets drunk very easily, apparently... :)
Oh, God...

If we get Vir that drunk, though, I'm going to have to arrange for someone to take care of him the next day...
Don't look at Stark. He gets terrible hangovers. :)
Oh, dear. We might have to enlist Lennier. Or Roger Smith. I'd suggest Vila, but I imagine Vila will probably get drunk as well... *g*
On an only vaguely related matter- what did Avon do to Stark's child while you all were at Vir's Ascension Day party? I was looking through old threads today, and now I'm intensely curious. *g*
Oh, lord, you do not want to know. Trust me. There's a reason why insisted that thread get taken down. :)
Oh, but I do! I do! *g*
Sigh. Let me put it this way... kernezelda made an amusing "Avon as babysitter" icon for him to use, but it wasn't entirely accurate, as it showed a blue pod much bigger than Leilani's. And, um, Avon's mun took it very literally... and decided the pod was going to have to get that big...

It was ugly. Just... ugly. And highly implausible. :)
What, like, Little Shop of Horrors big?
Not quite. But it was bad enough. My poor, sweet, tender pod, all blown up like a balloon. *sniff*
*cracks up*
It wasn't funny! *pouts* :)
Did he hook it up to an air hose? *g*

Water hose, actually, I think. *rolls eyes*