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Day 0, 5 PM update/Yay! A job interview!

Mom came through the surgery with no complications. They did have to put a drain in, however, which wasn't quite what she was hoping for. She's pretty insensible right now with all the pain medications. Abdominal surgery is no picnic.

In other news, to my great relief, I've finally, finally been called in for a job interview. Previously, I did a lot of work with medical research and medical office management, but it gradually became clear to me that I didn't enjoy that career track. For several months now, I've been trying to switch over to a more public policy oriented position, but my results until now have been distressingly disappointing. Can you believe I was actually considering donating my eggs at a local fertility clinic to make it through my financial crunch?

I also took the GRE for the first time this morning. My verbal score was solid, but my math score sucked, sucked, sucked. Bleh. I will be going back in November once I brush up on my algebra and geometry. I think those skills have atrophied in the past few years from disuse. Let's see, my last math class was freshman year of college. That would be, oh... more than five years ago? *g*

Oh, yes, and:

Pointedly does not think about the new Angel.
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