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FIC: Vir. In a Santa hat.

This one is dedicated to wychwood for putting Vir in a Santa hat. *g* Post-show. 431 words of harmless, G-rated, Christmas-y fluff. With Vir. In a Santa hat.

By Hobsonphile

“Your Majesty, I really must ask that you remove that… foolish hat before the procession proceeds to the celebration.”

From beneath furry white trim, Vir Cotto, Emperor of the Centauri Republic and the heart and soul of his race, asked with a peculiar boyish innocence, “Why? It’s one of their traditions.”

What Minister Andra Jaddo said next was delivered with a carefully composed patience, but if a man were watching closely enough, he would see a subtle twitch in the minister’s jaw. “Indeed, it is.” This particular discussion was well traveled ground. “But your… enthusiasms aside, the people, Highness, are expecting a certain… gravity… a certain… deportment… for so important a diplomatic function. It has been less than a year since the restoration of Earth’s embassy.”

Vir sighed, his face falling, once more reflecting his true age. Sinking onto his throne, he absently ran his hand across the velvet armrest. “Minister… what do you know about the Humans’ Santa Claus?”

“I know that he is a gift giver in their legends. Beyond that, I am aware of nothing else.”

The emperor turned his head to take in the city outside his window, the light of day splashing across his face. “There are actually several legends… several versions. I-I’ve been doing some reading.” Vir squinted his eyes in thought. “There is a story of a Saint Nicholas who, when he was alive, secretly provided a poor man enough money to pay for the marriages of his three daughters. And… there is another story… a poem, actually… that describes this legend as warm and cheerful. ‘Jolly’, I think, was the word the poem used.”

“If I may ask what…”

But Vir continued as if Jaddo had not spoken. “That is the sort of man… the sort of leader… I want to be.” Vir met the minister’s gaze. “There’s been enough gravity… enough death. I’m going as I am. And if the people laugh, let them. They need it.” Vir rose from his throne and touched Jaddo’s face with his hand, his eyes gentle and sad. “And the truth is, so do I.”

Jaddo’s shoulders sank slightly as if his strings had been cut. “And what of your hair, Majesty?”

“It’ll grow back.” A slow smile spread across Vir’s features, wrinkles appearing at the corners of his eyes. “The Empress Timov trained you well, Andra. What ever happens next is completely my responsibility.” The emperor tightly squeezed both of Jaddo’s shoulders. “Now let’s go. The ambassador is waiting.”

With that, His Majesty strode from the throne room, the ludicrous white pom-pom bouncing behind him.

The End

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