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Icon Requests

If there is anyone out there who can make me the following icons, I'd be eternally grateful and may reward you with something... drabbly:

1) Vir in a Santa hat. Because I'm a sheep. Baah! And because it's not fair that Astro gets Starky in a Santa hat and I don't get Vir. *g*

2) And as discussed with Flora last night, I would also like a Vir icon that says: "I'm so cute, I make porn wholesome." *g*


But would it fit over his hair? :)
Starkykins! We crossposted!
wychwood managed it. *g* I suppose he'll really have to spend a lot of time sorting it out when he takes that hat off, though. *g*
It'd be an odd-shaped hat with that hairstyle under it! Even though I'm not giving Vila one, I do have to say that Starky is adorable in his.
We've smooshed the hair under the hat. *g*
Doing it side-on too was a clever touch!

Um... I seem to be feeling sadistic...

Re: Um... I seem to be feeling sadistic...

Yay! *glomp*
I am resisting the urge to make an icon with Crais in a Santa hat. Yes. Yes, I am. *g*

*is not opening Paint right now, oh, no*
But of course you are! *g* Come, join the fun!
Clearly, I am insane. *g* But it *is* fun! ;)
LOL! I love it!
Shouldn't a Peacekeeper in a Santa Hat use black fur trim? :)
You know, that's an excellent point. *g*
Red and black would be more PKish, this is true .... :)