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In defense of ani_mag

ETA: andrastewhite has clarified her position and I am no longer irked. Please see my mea culpa, written in the appropriate thread. Apologies for the misunderstanding- it was a snap response. I should've slept on it first.

I'm not in the X-Men fandom, but I am acquainted with the moderator of the new ani_mag community via therightfangirl and feel the need to step in here. With deepest respect to my good and dear friend, andrastewhite, whom I adore: Dial down the sanctimony, y'all.

I'm as pro-slash as anyone on the left side of my friends list, despite being right-leaning on many issues and "southren." Hell, I'm pro-tentacle pr0n. But I also believe in a little thing called "live and let live"- or, to put it in Constitutional parlance, freedom of association. This is a big, wide world here at Live Journal. I know because I'm smack dab at the center of it. I live a double life everyday, sneaking glances at politically conservative analysis one moment, and writing essays on the virtues of alien slash the next. And the amazing thing is, somehow I manage. Why can't we all, to paraphrase Joseph Sisko, just stick to our sides of the galaxy and leave each other alone?

If you want to debate gay rights, that's cool. That's worthy. That's what democracy is about. And we have communities right here on Live Journal where you can have smack downs on the issues: liberal and conservatism are both open communities as far as I know. And I believe there are other communities designed for general and specialized political debates. But coming down on a fandom community that is one among many and demanding that this one community change its standards because their current standards don't jive with whatever political ax you're grinding? No way, chicas- that doesn't fly with me. You certainly wouldn't like it, I'm sure, if you started a community exclusively dedicated to, oh, say, tentacle pr0n in Babylon 5 fandom (say- now that I've brought it up, I'm almost tempted ;)) and some "right-wing puritan" came around and demanded that you change your submission standards to allow family-friendly gen.

A moderator has every right to decide what does and doesn't get posted to a community she controls, whether that moderator is a conservative Christian or a left-wing atheist. Again, freedom of association, yo- it's one of the other nifty clauses you can find in the First Amendment. If you want a place to post your slash, make your own community. It's stunningly easy around here. I promise it won't hurt a bit.

Hell, you can even call it "ani_mag_sux," although that would be incredibly juvenile, and I've always had the impression that we were all adults 'round he-ya.

Ye Olde Necessary Disclaimer (since any break from LJ orthodoxy requires one, alas): I'm not anti-gay. I'm not anti-slash. I run an archive that allows fic of all stripes, including slash. So save the "omghomophobia!" accusations for someone else, 'k?

Yuck. You! Politics! Get the hell out of fandom!
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