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londovir- by iamsab

Will Work for Food

So. To expand upon recent talk of Real Life Disasters, I've just lost my job. Cue feelings of uselessness and failure and why-the-hell-am-I-stuck-in-this-place-when-I'm-a-friggin'-Phi-Beta-Kappa-student. I've spent the past week and a half at the VEC looking for work without promising results. Does anyone out there have a job for a 25 year old office whiz with some experience in education and medicine? I learn very quickly and I don't scratch the furniture.


Oh, no. :(

*has no job offers, but offers sympathies and virtual hugs*
Oh... no...
I wish you to find new good work soon. You know, usually my wishes come true (for friends). So... do not worry, all will be settled...
Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this!

You're in Texas, right? I know it's a huge state, and don't know how close you are to Ft. Worth, but Ameritrade (an online brokerage based up here in Omaha) has an office there and a close friend who works for them said tonigh they've been hiring like crazy, and they just finished one training class for the Ft. Worth office. There's a strong possibility of more openings, so you might want to check them out.

*hugs* Hope things work out soon.
*headslap* Not TX, I just checked your userinfo. Sorry, I had you mixed up with someone else.


I can understand feeling useless, working were I have for as long as I have and trying so many times to quit. Best of luck on the job search!
Oh, bum! Been there, had that done to me. [hugs and sympathy and understanding]

I know how you feel, really. I have a degree, I know I'm clever and good at what I do, but I've been doing temporary contract work after not being able to handle a really nasty boss and walking out at the beginning of last year. Some of it has been fun and interesting, but much has been grunt-work and some was totally boring. Yeah, it's a real blow to the self-esteem. Right now I'm feeling like a total failure because I applied for some jobs and never heard back. Plus there's not a lot of temporary work out there at this time of year so cue feelings of fiscal fear too.

I realise this isn't any help, but hey, we can maybe commiserate and support each other!
Oh no! *hug* Been there, done that. :/
That really sucks - I hope a new job turns up quickly.
You poor thing! I know what a kick in the ass that must feel like. I'll keep a good thought for you and hope that something better turns up at once. :)
Oh, man. *hugs* You are not useless or a failure.

As far as jobs go, hospitals and big universities usually have lots of stuff, but you probably knew that. They can also take a helluva long time to get back to you. :P

*more hugs*
Much love and hugs, but alas, I don't know about any jobs in Virginia. Or elsewhere in the US.

However, I can come up with some fictional h/c for you. You wanted Vir fanfic for Christmas, after all. Behold.
How awful. *hugs*

I hope something turns up soon. You're smart and capable, so surely it must.
Nasty way to say Merry Christmas.

Oh, no. All the best wishes and luck.

Best of luck...
Oh honey! *offers virtual hugs and sympathy* I hope it all sorts itself out soon... :(
Oh, ouch. *hugs you* I hope things get better soon. Wish I had some kind of useful advice to offer. *sends you lots and lots of virtual chocolate and good wishes*