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londovir- by iamsab

Ah, glorious distractions!

I should be doing homework. But instead, I'm planning the Cotto I Memorial Amusement Park.


Hee! Oh, that's perfect! Vir would have fun designing an amusement park.

Homework? What is that? Yes, I should be doing homework, too. But procrastinating is so much fun! And the characters won't leave me alone! *g*
What's this I hear about Crais getting laid? *g*
He's not gonna get laid at this rate, if he doesn't stop distracting me!

Dude! I finally figured out a way to get him and Aeryn to have sex! *bounces around the room* And it's got, like, massive angst, too. (Of course. Anything with those two together has massive angst involved!) Set between IYYY and ITLD1. The story is practically writing itself in my head right now ... which is making it difficult to do homework, but I'm still excited about it. *g* Angst!
Yaay! Angsty sex is the best kind! *bounce*