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londovir- by iamsab

I DO look like I play Vir, don't I?

This is one of the only pictures from Burbank that really came out. See me huggling Stark! *g* Alas, my Starky name tag, at last acquired on the final day, is blurred in this shot. Ask Kerne- I really went to town on that thing. Girly hearts everywhere. *g*

I'll try to post the rest tomorrow- I did in fact get some halfway decent pictures of Anthony Simcoe at the concert at least.


You were so cute and obsessive. *hugs*
Aww, Starky hugs! He needs 'em too!
*picks up own picture of Starky (as generously donated by kernezelda and hugs him*
I DO look like I play Vir, don't I?

Eerily, yes, yes you do. Which can't be a bad thing, Vir being who he is, but... gracious.
Yes, you do. Sweeties, the both of you.*g*
*also agreeing* You (& Vir) are adorabley cute and contemplative. ^__^

...Now I'm thinking about teenage fanboy!Vir sneaking off from some miserable job to watch some equivalent of Star Trek or Farscape. With posters on his wall. Meeting some nice girl who likes the show, and then (of course) being separated from her.
You look enough like me to be my sister. How weird is that? We're at opposite ends of the continent. :-)