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londovir- by iamsab

All right, that's it.

I am now resolved to learn Russian.

Don't laugh! I just want to know what everyone is saaaying! *g*

In all seriousness, does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might begin? natoth?


Have a lot of Russian friends, do you?

I wish I lived closer to you, so I could help you. :) I might be forgetting most of my Russia, but I still know enough to understand what people say...

If you are really serious about learning Russian -- my sister-in-law took some immersion Russian classes several summers in a row, after she started going out with my brother, and she quite enjoyed them. You might want to try something like that. :) I can ask her what classes she took, if you'd like.

It's really cool that you want to learn Russian. Not a lot of people seem to want to lear it, these days...
Have a lot of Russian friends, do you?

Indeed, I do. *g*

I can ask her what classes she took, if you'd like.

Ooh, yes! If she took something at a community college or university, I may be able to find something similar here.

* smiles and imagines: Ivanova which teaches Vir Cotto Russian*
I think, it is necessary to organize special community :-)))
The main problem in this training (for me) is to recollect Russian, more exact to recollect it's basic rules.
*scratches a head*
Hee! Yes, a T_M Russian community. *g*

Thank you, by the way, for the image of Ivanova teaching Vir Russian. Don't know if she would or not, but Vir would be a very cute pupil. *g*
My mun's lj may serve you as the practical manual in Russian though I repent, I write very illiterately (I mean style)
I wish I could help, but I've more or less forgotten everything I learned from the 12 weeks I studied Russian back in high school :) I can say, though, that learning the alphabet is far easier than it seems. And addictive. I still sometimes sign my name in cyrillic by accident :)
If you're willing to wait a wee bit, I may be able to help out. My best friend has just finished her degree in Russian studies, and has many many textbooks etc. As I was planning on raiding them (read: coordinated theft in exchange for offering sleeping accomodation and food) to start studying the language myself, I could type up exercises / text whatsits each week and email them along... of course, this would be dependent upon her return from the Ukraine (where she has gone to study Ukrainian, unsurprisingly) in late Jan.

In the meantime, have a look here - this is the Edinburgh University's Russian Department online resources listing. It may help to get you started in terms of textbooks and the like.

Also? Most Russians aren't fluent in the language until age 15 or so. I'm giving myself at least ten years to master the bugger...
Thanks for the link! And if you really can forward me more resources, I'll... do something fannish for you. *g*
I've got lots of Russian friends too. I even bought myself a 'teach yourself' book but I think I want something more colloquial and maybe with audio.
Oh, and if there are local nightclasses (I've taken others like linguistics, Italian, and car maintenance), I might do one next year. Perhaps they have some where you live too?
Hell, yeah. I took a very short course in it--a semestersquishedintoamonth deal--and have forgotten just about everything. Except about 90% of the alphabet and a phrase that sort of means "I have."

I wanna learn it again.

Took it in college, the first time

I have an insane amout of reading material, including old course packets. Next to no audio, but plenty of reading/writing stuff.

Let me know if you want some.

- hg