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No! No, I am NOT.

I am not going to write Vir!Masturbation!Pr0n. I am not.


oh you are. *cackles* *prods*
ARGHNO! Despite the fact that the Centauri are physically capable of licking places no Human can reach... NO.
Dude, you can't think that thought and then not record it in pr0n for the benefit of all future generations. Do iiiiiiit!
But I'm sick! Clearly I'm not in my right mind! *g*
Clearly not! DOOOOOOO IIIIIIIIT! *eg*

I swear, I'm really not a pervert. Really.

But, but, but...why *not*? What better way to spend a day sick in bed than writing...

Okay, I do kinda see your point. I had a hard time just now typing "Vir!Masturbation!Pr0n!." But I'm sure once you get over that initial hurdle, you'll be fine...:)

Re: I swear, I'm really not a pervert. Really.

You're supposed to talk me down, not encourage me, damn it! *g*

Re: I swear, I'm really not a pervert. Really.

Oh, fine. Here: dontwritevirmasturbationpr0n

Why not, an enquiring mind wants to know?

Why not, indeed. I suppose I shouldn't leave you and andrastewhite alone to languish in the seventh circle of hell among the normal sinners. *g*
By the way: the argument with Galen continues and now Morden has gotten into the act. I need a few hours of sleep and some thought before I reply again, but in the meantime, enjoy. *g*
I do! Go you, and Vir. BTW, Vir might want to remind Morden regarding as to what motivated Londo most that Morden made a rather fatal miscalculation in this regard in season 4, when he assumed Londo would continue to play ball "because you're drawn to power", underestimating that Centauri Prime and the safety of same would always come first. Similarly, keeping his word to G'Kar and withdrawing from Narn was nothing Morden would have ever thought him capable of, as it went directly against his own interests.

Galen: aha, so that's the reason and obviously something that happened in the technomage trilogy. As I haven't read it, I can't comment. Anyway, the CP trilogy, otoh, offers you ammo against Galen - because the technomages weren't above using Vir. Whose victim was Mariel?


Also, you could return to the original point, as Vir has successfully refuted that Londo died forgotten and alone and without hope, no matter whether Galen thinks he deserved to or not.

Lastly, Galen might not care what Londo's relationship with G'Kar was, but he can't deny that G'kar (and the Narns in general) had a much better claim to condemn Londo than the technomages - and G'Kar chose differently.
As long as it's not based on that meme result of Stark's, that's all I ask. :)
No, of course not. *g* I'm reserving the Squid!Pr0n for Stark. *eg*
Gotta get a girl for Vir. Definitely.
But of course you are!
I am not opening my Word. I am not.


Damn it!
Well, see, the important (and terrible) thing here is, the sheer thought by itself is so horrific that you've already done the damage, and might as well write it now.
*stares at open word processor* *sighs*

I know. I know. *g*