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londovir- by iamsab

A simplification (x-posted to theatrical_fen)

I am officially retiring londos_torment (which hasn't been updated in months) and timov_of_algul from the theatrical_muse community, though I will be keeping the journals for experimental purposes. Additionally, timov_of_algul will still be available for roleplaying if she is needed.

vir_cotto_tm, my first and most active muse, is still a participating member of theatrical_muse.



Here I come, inspired by the muse (see lj), start to surf, and now I'm in mourning for Timov. Waah! And you're playing her so fabulously...

Re: *sob!*

Thank you for the compliment. I haven't given up the idea of playing her totally, so don't grieve just yet. *g*

Re: *sob!*

That's good to know! Meanwhile, speaking of RP, Morden and Galen have found they've got since in common. They both agree that Londo had it coming. (See Galen's reply to Morden's latest entry.)