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londovir- by iamsab

My Stark Defense League Manifesto

As a member of the Stark Defense League, I hereby embrace the following tenets of the faith:


Stark can be difficult. He can be childish. He can be irritating and irrational and sometimes a little frightening. His panic has been a liability, and his lack of judgement has put others in danger. None of these things make him any less deserving of compassion and understanding. They make him mentally ill. Mental illness is ugly and uncomfy and there is no psychotherapy for a brutalized former slave in the Uncharted Territories. Stark has had to deal with everything- physical and mental torture, personal loss, imprisonment, dispersal, the imprints of thousands of other souls upon his mind- on his own. No matter how frustrating he can get, it is not right or satisfying or funny when he is kicked about or mocked or spiritually raped- even if it turns out all right in the end. (Exceptions allowed for women in labor. Because that was actually genuinely funny.)


Stark does not need to prove his worth. He has done so already.

Stark is a brilliant technician. Alone in a cell, he built a lock-pick out of scraps of metal. He is also familiar with advanced physics- and the biology of live budongs.

Stark has also saved lives. It was his plan that successfully ejected Talyn from the budong. It was Stark who saved Rygel's life in Relativity.

And Stark is a beautiful being. He soothes those in pain and eases one's passage into death- and he does it at the cost of his own sanity. It is the ultimate altruistic act. We should be honoring it.


Stark is a fascinating character. More should be written about the tragedy of his past. About the roots of his madness. About his fight between his essential goodness and the darkness that has left its scars. About his abiding guilt over his frailty. About his admiration of John Crichton ("Crichton will fix it! Crichton always fixes it!") and the unconscious resentment of John Crichton that rests paradoxically beside it. About the dilemma he faces between his peculiar attraction to Aeryn and his desire to honor Zhaan's memory and preserve Aeryn and John because Zhaan died for them. About his love for Zhaan and the way in which it guides him even beyond death. About the ways in which he is strong.

Yea, in the year 2004, let these words be declared in public: I love Stark and I am not ashamed.


Preach it, sister! A-frelling-men! :)
What we need now is an icon and a battle hymn. *g*

I'm up for the iconage:).
I'm up for the iconage:).

It's sad that you needed to write that. But hey, there are even people who don't like Vila (mainly men), go figure! Never mind, Starky and Vilakins know we love them.

I've never heard of anyone disliking Vir though.
I haven't come across full-on Vir hate either. Quite a few don't believe his seriousness as a character, though. They think he's cute, but that's about it.
So, I've started watching through S3 of B5 this week, an episode at a time before work... Londo just put poor Vir on a transport to Minbar. I wanted to hug the poor guy, he looked so forlorn. :)

(Erm, hug, not bug as my first attempt at this comment would have it. Sheesh. :))
But I am ashamed.
*lol* Why?
declaims I, the Stark love shall never cease from pillar to post in my domain!

People actually don't like my bitty babby?! How could they not love him. For me it was crystallized with "Let me be your eye"

Of course, I love everyone on Farscape.
I think you can imagine how aggravated I was to find that the @*%$! rental DVD did not want to play the second half of the two-parter where we meet Stark.

I was all "Hey, cool! It's the Stark guy that H is so excited about!" But no. That episode was not to be seen. All I got was about three minutes in the middle. :P
Go for it my friend! I Solemnly promise to remember this manifesto!
Go Stark!
Where do I join your Stark Defense League?
Just found this. Amen and thanks for defending my baby, baby. ::g:: Woo to Stark!love.
Can't beleive I only JUST found this! Amen, sing it!!

I'd like to link to this, spread it far and wide!!