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The Sparky Awards

So, I went to put in some nominations for the Sparky Awards, and now I'm feeling a little... frustrated. Because there should be another box on the form that allows you to explain the choices you make, especially for author nominations. I want to be given the opportunity to soap box for the author I nominated for the Lifetime Achievement Award, damn it!

ETA: To follow andrastewhite's lead, here are the links to my first humble stabs at Stark:

And Still You Live

The miniseries fic. Spoilery. Me working through some issues I had with the ending.

Shreds of Heaven

My first fic. Stark and the seven heavenly virtues.

Second Edit: Why is Stark/Zhaan not a category?! Why, why, why?!? *is miffed*
Tags: farscape, fic

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