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londovir- by iamsab


Actually, I was officially back at 6 a.m. my time, but as soon as I made it into the office, I was hit with three days of work. Are we feeling the post-con let down? Oh yes.

A report will be forthcoming as soon as I have the energy to upload the good pics (as opposed to the blurry shots) and the bits of video I captured experimentally in the bar.

My mission to Scape my entire office seems to be proceeding at a fairly decent clip. I brought in my picture with Ben Browder, which thus commenced much swooning (and from Rose, who has watched some FS, jealousy) and questioning about the show in general. *g*

Meanwhile, I have been informed by a reliable source- namely, iamsab- that G'Kar is going to knock out Vir in a future roleplay and break his teeth. Why am I excited by that? How sadistic am I anyway?


Re: speaking of RP: Vir to the defense, please!

Well, from a storytelling pov it was a very good idea on David's part, because that became something Vir could justifiably feel guilty for (whereas the death of Cartagia was a different matter).

Oh, yes, that is certainly true, self-righteous mages aside.

...and because I like to stir things up a little, here's my pal kathyhs PK Wars review, some of which you'll agree with and one comment you decidedly won't.*g*



*returns, ears steaming*

No, that plot thread was probably one of the most awkwardly handled- not a smooth example of character growth at all. They raped him, and it's all nice in the end? With no consequences or... No. No, I can't. Must. Restrain. Screed. Until. After. Work.

I need a Stark Defense League icon.