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Second Morning

They had a complimentary screening of the miniseries last night from 10:30 roughly to about 1:30 roughly, and I was one of the few, the brave, the proud who made it to the bitter end. Go me. *g*

On second viewing, I've definitely decided that my favorite FS reaction take of all time has to be the look on Stark's face as John was transferring the baby into Aeryn. The way Paul popped his eye was just so perfect and so hysterical. What did he see anyway? *lol*

I did get to hold forth on my opinion that John and Aeryn essentially raped Stark and now I've been convinced to write an apology from one of them. Like I really needed something else to write. *headdesk* Trouble is, I can already sort of see it in my mind. *sigh*

Other things:

Met iamsab, who's as insane as I imagined and more. *g* One minute she was there, the next minute- boom! She was across the room talking to someone else. She introduced me to around a billion people whose names I'll never remember. Well, except for Richard Manning. *g* She also dragged me over to dance during the Signal Room concert, despite the fact that I. Can't. Dance. No, really. I can't. When people say that white folks have no rhythm, they mean me. *g*

Saw a "Making of the Mini" documentary yesterday afternoon- something I dearly hope will be on the DVD so astrogirl2 can experience the glory of Paul Goddard in a sleeveless shirt. omgsoHAWT! *drooool* Oh, and also: (and selenak, this will probably amuse you too) a great clip of Paul sucking Rygel's fingers, among other guffaw inducing moments. *g*

But gah. Homework now until the show starts up again at 11:30. More to come...
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