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kerne base: stark good god!

Hello from Burbank!

Having figured out the internet connection in my hotel room for once, I have full high speed access! So- presuming I have time- I will pop in every once in awhile for brief updates. *g*

Spent much of this morning peeping at the local flora. It's been decades since I've been to Los Angeles, and, uh, I certainly don't remember it seeing as I was an infant at the time. *g* I love palm trees- they are so gorgeous and slightly bizarre. Particularly the ones with the long, grey beards.

Aside from the palm trees, I've seen more Hawaiian shirts here at the Hilton than I know what to do with. Great Maker! I'm slightly frightened by that- but in an entirely good way. *g*


Say hello to everyone from me, will you? Including the Pacific. I once spent three months in L.A. (Pacific Palisades, to be precise.)
Are they Hawaiian shirts that say "Aloha" in Minbari letters? 'Cos, y'know, that'd be cool.
Here's another one for you!

Have lots of fun! :-D
Please do a report, please, please?!!! I am jealous.