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londovir- by iamsab


This morning, I woke up and threw up for no reason. Now I feel better. Weird.

I have a tiny crush on James Lileks. He's a sci fi geek too! *g* Which is not to say that I will ever in a million years intrude upon scenes of domestic bliss like this:

But the foggy weather is hell on cheroots – leave them outside and they droop in your hands like Play-Doh. But they don’t taste like Play-Doh. I know this from recent experience; Gnat made a Play-Doh cookie for me, and I thanked her, examined it, bit off a chunk and pretended to swallow. Her expression was priceless, and rivaled her slack-jawed amazement that followed when the dog-food bag popped open on the conveyor at Target and I popped a nugget in my mouth. DADDEE! THAT’S FOR DOGS!

Tastes gooood, I said. Maybe we’ll have it for dinner.


With monkey brains!


And snake butt for dessert!


All a plot to make her cheer with relief when I served salmon, but it didn’t work.

So. Much. Love.

I do worry, though, that his daughter, when she reaches That Certain Age, will hate him for preserving all the embarassing little details of her early childhood on the internet. *g* I enjoy it, though, as do, I'm sure, many of his readers.

ETA a disclaimer: Lileks swings right in his politics, but I think even the left wing side of my f-list might find his commentary on movies, television, architecture and other matters of aesthetics of interest.


James Lileks is *awesome.* In fact, thank you for providing a link; I had sort of forgotten about the site for a while.


This morning, I woke up and threw up for no reason. Now I feel better. Weird.

Wow, I somehow seem to have managed to infect you with my mystery illness over the internet! So that's what studying computer science does to you! I'm doomed... ;)

(That is, unless we both managed to get pregnant at the same time... Which would make at least one of us the second Mary... *L*)

Uh, actually, that would make two Virgin Mothers. ;)