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londovir- by iamsab

More meta!

With the run of Dracula now complete, I am attempting to catch up on my fannish backlog. My Vir essay is now up at idol_reflection:

A Coming of Age

A checklist of other fannish things that still need doing:

My Starkathon story
My Rygelthon story
My Londothon story
My John&Stark OTF Manifesto
My Londo&Vir OTF Manifesto
My essays on Pilot and Kira, which are due in December and are thus at the bottom of the list.



Re OTF, what do I do when I've finished my essay? Just post it there? Mine's due this weekend but no-one else appears to have posted.
Yes, if you're done, go ahead and post it.

I've had a lot of cancelations and requests for amnesty, so don't be too alarmed by the lack of posts.
Mine will be the first? Eep! Oh, and it will so spoil you. :-(
I'm kinda spoiled already. It's kind of hard not to be. B7 fandom has been around for a long time.

And you may not be first if I can manage to write one of my essays tomorrow.

I was going to talk about Vir but...

...but this

Garibaldi's line in The Fall of Night describing the early Londo as "our pain in the butt"

reminded me of the scene where Londo realises that he and Garibaldi aren't friends anymore. BWAAAAAAAAAAH ;_; *weeps* Honestly, Londo has got to be the only character I spend 80% of viewing time wanting to KICK HIS BUTT ARGH while at the same time being able to bring me to tears at the drop of a hat. *sobs*
New post at fannish checklist: Finish the extended Cold Wind:):):) I cry at night because I haven't read the end of that one... (OK, that's a lie, but you catch my drift)