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kerne base: stark good god!

Well, I must say, vilakins, that you have me pegged.

I have finally started to watch the Blakes 7 DVD's that have been sitting in front of my little TV for eons, and I love your little klepto already. Can I take him home for a spell, or are you the jealous sort? *g*

Now I know what some of these characters actually sound like! Avon's voice was a little jarring for me, I admit. I'm not quite sure what I was expecting precisely, but... not that. Damn, I like that cold bastard, though, for reasons I can't explain. And Blake? Is utterly mad. But I don't mean that in a bad way. *g*

More commentary to follow once I've seen more than three episodes...


Awww, you love Vila! Well, what's not to like? [hugs Vila] I'd like to claim him as mine, all mine, but he needs all the affection he can get, especially in S3 and S4.

He's not a kleptomaniac though--more a cracksman. I think the fun for him isn't in the theft--the acquisition of material goods--but the game--the breaking of the puzzles set by security systems. He really isn't the pickpocket you see in 'The Way Back' (ep 1); given what you learn of him later, that had to be an act. I think he was trying to play the harmless incompetent so he wouldn't be a threat or wanted for others' schemes.

The voices: I found it odd at first too. They declaim as if they're doing Shakespeare on stage, but they either loosened up or I got used to it. Though I have to say Paul Darrow (Avon) just gets hammier as the series goes on. Michael Keating (Vila) is generally acknowledged to be the best and most natural of the regular cast.

I liked Avon too in the first 3 seasons, but by S4 he's a total bastard. I must write that Avon&Vila friendship essay. You won't see much evidence of it yet, but by 'Mission to Destiny' you'll see them beginning to enjoy the banter.

I knew you'd love Vila if you loved Vir and Stark. Another fan! Yay!
Have you watched the character introductions in the extra features yet? Vila's is so funny; the essence of Vila-ness.
I am not at all surprised that you like Vila. Blake is indeed more than a few sandwiches short of a picnic, but mostly in a good way. It allows him to go to war against an intergalactic empire with an army of seven, after all *g*.

I am delighted that you're watching the show - apart from anything else, it's fun to see where later writers were getting some of their influences from. JMS is a big B7 fanboy, for example ...
One of the things keeping me from disliking Blake so far is how different and interesting some of his quirks are. Most idealistic optimists aren't also thinly controlled nervous wrecks, for example (although I don't know, maybe the ones put in prison for child abuse are). That's a refreshing fault to give a hero.
Hurrah, she started B7! (Though you didn't forget Firefly, did you?)

Avon: gets the best lines, more often than not, which is why most of the fandom likes him. That, and for being the original cynic who sometimes and only for a very limited amount of people does something selfless but really isn't kidding about his "me first!" credo otherwise (as poor Vila will find out).
Yeah, Avon is just wildly popular. I remember I thought he was cool when I was 12 years old. 'Course, I really loved Zen and Vila and Dayna back then, too. "Confirmed" hee hee :-)
Yes! I've only seen about three episodes, too (did you also feel uncomfortable with the hyper-anti-Catholicism one?). And I love Avon already. Vila, not so much, although I concur with Andraste: he falls perfectly into your preferred set.
did you also feel uncomfortable with the hyper-anti-Catholicism one?

Er. Well, last night, I was too busy praying that the actor playing the priest would STOP YELLING (I mean, jeez, overwrought much? *g*) to think about the episode on a meta level. Thinking about it now, though... hmm. That may warrant a second viewing.

he falls perfectly into your preferred set.

Out of curiosity, how would you define that? *g*
did you also feel uncomfortable with the hyper-anti-Catholicism one?

'Cygnus Alpha' was anti-Catholic? I thought it was just attacking religion per se as so many SF shows do (sigh--along with the obligatory anti-female society--which will appear in B7--this is not just extremely annoying but also a boring cliché, writers).

I'm not a Catholic, but I'd be interested in hearing more about this. Are there particular rites or beliefs which are attacked?
And I love Avon already. Vila, not so much

I like Avon too--at least till he turns into a right bastard in S4 and PD's acting goes OTT. He's probably my second-favourite, and as you'll see, he and Vila make a good pair and have some of the best lines.

Vila may grow on you. I fell for him after more than 3 eps, give it time. I love his vulnerability and lack of the sort of tough gung-ho heroism that most SF characters have. I might add, he is however very heroic in his own way in that he acts despite his fear (much braver than I'd be!) I do think it took them a while to get the characterisation right for them all, but. I was sorry that Vila lost some of the harder edge he has in the first few eps.
I wish I could watch it for the first time all over again! I suppose that you have not met Servalan yet...
Nope, I haven't gotten that far yet. *g*
Oh, yay for first-time B7 viewing! Vila really is a delight, isn't he? :)

I am kind of curious now as to what you expected Avon's voice to be like... I gotta say, if you were basing your expectation on the RPG version, I'm not in the slightest surprised you were surprised, as that is guy is quite literal Avon's Uncanonical Alternate Personality...
I gotta say, if you were basing your expectation on the RPG version, I'm not in the slightest surprised you were surprised, as that is guy is quite literal Avon's Uncanonical Alternate Personality...

Well, yes, I gather that... now. The veil of ignorance is lifted a little. ;)

Ah, this reminds me of Vir's first encounter with Stark all of a sudden- you know, back when Farscape to me was something the people on my f-list talked about on occasion, but not something I was familiar with personally. God, my naivete on that thread... *facepalm*
Oy! See, now I gotta watch B7, Farscape, Firefly.....