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londovir- by iamsab

Damn it, astrogirl2!

Your journal is too morally deviant for my work firewall!

*glares sternly at you*


That's just external confirmation of what I've been saying for months. :)
It does puzzle me, though, that my own journal passes muster... *g*
Just now, when I checked out your username at ff.net, did I realise that I already ahd read you stories, since you are Steph:) (I know what you're thinking: Oh, no, that girl has found me AGAIN!) I posted a drabble or two (or three) in that posting there... you know... Guess who they are about? (Just so you're not completely apalled, I've been off BP since for like a year, but now I'm back, more inspired than ever!:) Hope to see you around...
That's it, I'm firing my agent at the Witness Protection Program. *g* J/K
Wow, really? Well, I guess I did use the words "voyeur" and "necrophilia"...
So, when are you going to post your latest pervy Stark story, huh? *g*
It needs some editing, which I really just don't feel motivated to do just now. But, uh... soon. Ish. :)
*whipwhip* Now! *g*
I could say the same to you about a couple of ficathon stories, gal. ;)
*clears throat*


That shut me up right quick. ;)
Ha! :)