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I'm still working on scenarios III and IV for "Five Things..." Last night, I completely changed my mind on III and had to start over. This happens to me a lot, I'm afraid. *g*

BTW, I've not forgotten the DotD AU. That one is also in the re-write process. *g*

Last night, I was challenged by my brother on my supposed "narrow" focus in B5 fandom. His exact question, if I recall correctly, was, "Why are you so against writing about the Human or Minbari characters?"

My answer? I admit that the Narn and the Centauri characters simply interest me more, but I'm not against writing about the Human or Minbari characters persay. The trouble is, that is a niche that has already been rather nicely filled. I fear that any contributions I might provide in this realm would merely constitute the proverbial beating of a very dead horse. In the future, I may expand my tent, but at the moment, my primary mission is to explore the things that have not been explored, to correct the unjust situation that currently exists in fandom in which the not-"pretty" but endlessly fascinating alien characters are ignored.

(BTW, my brother also tells me that it is impossible to come up with a series of Seven Deadly Sins drabbles for Vir. Just for that, I am even more determined to prove him wrong. *g*)

However, with that said, my mind is not completely closed to Human or Minbari-centered plotlines. I adore the Minbari-centered writings of deborah_judge because they don't settle for the orthodox interpretations (i.e., Sheridan/Delenn = OMG OTP!!!111) and they put a new spin on canon. That's the key, in my mind. If I'm going to write a Human- or Minbari-centered story, I want to cover different ground. "If I'm going to write a Human story," I said to Matt with my tongue in my cheek somewhat, "I want it to be a Clark story. Or an ISN reporter story." As I'm writing this, I'm even considering writing "The Seven Contrary Virtues of Alfred Bester." The heroes have been done to death- let's get the perspectives of the antagonists, the villains, the collaborators.

(Incidentally, this impulse to seek something new is the reason I offered to grant selenak's wish for Quark fic. *g* And why I like teasing my brother and others about Londo/G'Kar until they clap their hands over their ears and yell, "I'm not listening! LA LA LA LA LA!" *eg*)
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