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londovir- by iamsab

Did I read that right? (T_M stuff)

Are John and Aeryn and the sprog coming to B5? If so: yay! Thanks to the Cheshire Cat and Stark, Vir's on a real sprog kick right now. *g*


The Mumak? I, um, don't actually know what that is.

But dude, yeah, totally teh nexus. Of kool.
The Mumak is the ship transporting the b7_rpg crew. Stark and Vila are Vir's connections to that group, and when time and storyline allows, V, V & S are going to have a mad-cap adventure of some sort. *g*
Ah, cool. I think I read that thread--this would be one of the meme conversations that Vir's been getting into? *grin*
You mean the ones that always go back to sex eventually? Yes. *g*

I'm thinking of inventing a new game for T_M: The Six Degrees of Babylon 5. Because I just bet every muse involved in active roleplay can be connected to Babylon 5 within six connections. *g* I mean, Londo's meanderings alone...
Yup. Those ones. Hey, I wasn't going to say anything!

You should. I'm guilty of a lot of flagrant fandom-hopping...
Nothing to be ashamed of, says she who agreed to send Vir to Wonderland against all canon and logic. *g*

And, my dear, I think Londo's mun invented fandom hopping. *g*