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londovir- by iamsab

Did I read that right? (T_M stuff)

Are John and Aeryn and the sprog coming to B5? If so: yay! Thanks to the Cheshire Cat and Stark, Vir's on a real sprog kick right now. *g*


There's even talk of the Mumak heading our way as well. Yay! We are teh nexus of kool!
The Mumak? I, um, don't actually know what that is.

But dude, yeah, totally teh nexus. Of kool.
The Mumak is the ship transporting the b7_rpg crew. Stark and Vila are Vir's connections to that group, and when time and storyline allows, V, V & S are going to have a mad-cap adventure of some sort. *g*
Ah, cool. I think I read that thread--this would be one of the meme conversations that Vir's been getting into? *grin*
You mean the ones that always go back to sex eventually? Yes. *g*

I'm thinking of inventing a new game for T_M: The Six Degrees of Babylon 5. Because I just bet every muse involved in active roleplay can be connected to Babylon 5 within six connections. *g* I mean, Londo's meanderings alone...
Yup. Those ones. Hey, I wasn't going to say anything!

You should. I'm guilty of a lot of flagrant fandom-hopping...
Nothing to be ashamed of, says she who agreed to send Vir to Wonderland against all canon and logic. *g*

And, my dear, I think Londo's mun invented fandom hopping. *g*