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kerne base: stark good god!


With base from kernezelda. I am determined to get back to the business of the shiny.

Oh, and also:



Icon love!
lurve that icon! gorgeous!
Isn't it beautiful? I snurched it from addedforflavor over on farscapeicons.
I want to snurch but then I would be a crowd follower! So I snurched this one. But I still need to find the perfect Starkicon...
found it! man, fifty icons isn't enough!!
After seeing that amazing picture, I decided I have to watch Farscape, if only for this character Stark. I spent so long downloading an episode, which turned out to be dubbed in German. Rrrrgh! Suppressing---rage---!
You have my sympathies, as the voices they picked for the dubbing weren`t that good (as opposed to, say, Babylon 5, btw).*g*
Grr! How frustrating!

And yes, do watch Farscape by any means necessary!