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londovir- by iamsab

*joining leadensky in meditation* Ooooooommmm

I was voter number 99 at the Dale City Civic Center this morning.

Please, dear God, by all that is sacred, just let the win, no matter the side, be decisive. I don't want another 2000.

Also, from leadensky:

"If the "other guys" win on Election Day, I will not:

- Move to another country, nor even claim I want to
- Say "He's not MY president"
- Rant about how we're all going to be dead, in concentration camps, living under the eye of Big Brother, starving in the streets, and/or under martial law before the 4 years are up
- Call my fellow voters stupid (or worse) for their choices
- Delete my LJ or abandon it in disgust (though I might abandon it because I happen to be busy)
- Say I no longer like or recognize this country
- Cease speaking to anyone, nor drop any of my hobbies and loves, nor change what I eat for breakfast, based on the outcome of this election

Can you post the above in your journal, and follow it?
Not saying you have to. Just wondering: can you?

(Really, dudes: 8 years of Reagan didn't destroy us. 8 years of Clinton didn't destroy us. Not even a freaking Civil War destroyed us. And if you give up on liking America because of the headlines on Nov. 3, then...say it with me...the terrorists will have won!)"

I will endeavor in every way to be Zen about this, despite the fact that I've become increasingly angry with the nasty, sanctimonious political atmosphere here on Live Journal and in the nation in general.


Bravo! I'll meditate with you.
Very well put.

I disliked Clinton, but never thought about killing him, wishing him ill will, or moving to another country. The President deserves respect, regardless of how we feel about him.

The vitriol on Livejournal about politics can be scary (almost as scary as the Democratic Underground)
Alas, I fear the issues clouding the 2000 election weren't really addressed procedurally - it seems to be something we're, as a nation, or as states, loathe to talk about, so we end up crossing our fingers and hoping it won't happen again.

I hope it isn't a repeat of that, either, though. That was painful; and it would be that much uglier this year, when tensions are running significantly higher.
Thank you for your respect. And allow me to offer my respect in return.