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Londothon Master List (will continue to be updated)

kangeiko wrote Rampion for bubosquared
selenak wrote Negotiations for hobsonphile (and H. is eternally pleased and grateful for the results *g*)
kakodaimon wrote Dead Girls for thran
andrastewhite wrote Masquerade for kangeiko
usotsuke wrote Duty for andrastewhite
thran wrote for selenak
bubosquared wrote for kakodaimon
betareject wrote Untitled for usotsuke
hobsonphile wrote for betareject and I will be late due to RL *sigh*


Gravely apologizing

Due to rl, i.e. my work, my lazyness and my active celebration of Samhain ;)), my story will be posted only on Novermber 1 or 2.
I'll have mine in as soon as possible, but it'll be a few hours, as I have to do dishes and stuff and I fear I'm coming down with Martian Death Flu over here. (Anyone know how to fill up one's sinuses with cement? >_<)

But I promise not to read my story until I've posted mine!

(BTW, would you or anyone be available for hand-holding and beta duties in a few hours?)

Sorry for the delay in my response. Dracula intervened, and then the cast members and their various associates took me drinking. Oh, and there was a hot tub too... *g*

But anyway, I would be happy to beta read your story. All of today (Sunday) is open for me.
Man, your life is so much more interesting than mine. I started writing yesterday and had to give up and go to bed because of incipient Martian Death Flu. No hot tubs (typo: ho tubs--hee!) for me!

Are you on any IM services, or shall I e-mail you?
'K, finally regained consciousness. *g* Go ahead and send me an email.

And actually, nights like last night are rare for me. I'm actually boringly straight-laced and responsible in my every day life. Even last night, I wasn't that drunk. You have to pace yourself, you know? *g*
Heee! Okay, excpect an e-mail in roughly an hour, once I'm done beating my head against the wall and have written this story into acceptable length and quality. Sigh.
Gramercy, O Hobsonphile, for putting this together and thus forcing us to write!
You made an interesting POV choice in your entry. And I'm still working out the precise secret code of Londo's communication at the end. Oh, but before there is misunderstanding, I mean both of the previous comments as compliments! I adore a story that's original and makes me think.
Well, I'm happy you like it and care enough to puzzle it out. Vir isn't the obvious choice, but he really is the voice of truth (or the closest thing to it) in the cast. He also cares, but is intelligent enough not to be blinded by what he wants to happen.
No worries Hobsonphile ^_^ I know how RL can be all too well. *waits eagerly*

Really silly question is this where we post our tales? Or do we email them to you and you post them up?
My story is now up here - thanks so much for running this.
Have posted my fanfic here for anyone interested ^_^
I'm discovering this rather late I think. Thank you for running it. It's producing some great stories!

My fic

I finished! *looks pleased with self* Many, many thanks to hobsonphile for running the ficathon and for doing a swift and exceedingly wonderful beta job. You can read the result here.
I've got something for you, in the spirit of fannish love and international cooperation in stressful times. Checking the original enlistings, I saw Bloodraven wanted Londo/Cartagia. Well, I've written it, to relieve you of at least one burden, if you like. Not beta'd yet (I just finished it), but ready to distract you, if you want it. (Either via mail or posted, your choice.)
Eee! The conflict! I really, really want to read your take on L/C to distract from election stress. Then again, brain-stealer that you are, I'm afraid your version will be too much like the fully formed idea that's sitting in my head as yet unwritten, thereby negating the necessity for me to write it...

Gah! Election stress wins. Go ahead and send me the email if you'd like. *g*
So... did you like it?
My apologies. I went out last night as distracted myself with other shiny things. *g*

Yes. Yes. Yes. The story was wicked and fantastic. (And different enough from my idea that I may still be able to write my interpretation. ;) La la la!) The line I especially liked for some reason was Londo's sudden realization that Vir and Cartagia were around the same age. *shiver*

I should have the corrections to you by tonight. betareject is going to love it!
The line I especially liked for some reason was Londo's sudden realization that Vir and Cartagia were around the same age.

I was going to be even more messed up and have Cartagia observe that he thinks of Londo as a father at times, since his own sucked and he wasn't that close to his uncle, but couldn't find a way to inject that naturally into the conversation.*g*

Good to hear you like it. Tonight's hotel has email, and I'll be here tomorrow morning as well, so I can get your corrections.

My story is ready