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Obviously, SOME of you need adult supervision. *g*

I was away for just a day and I come back to astrogirl2 writing necrophilia!fic...


Oh, not just her. And mine was far worse. But some of us have better sense than to inflict it on the public at large. :)
Ooh, inflict it on me, please!

Argh! Why did I just say that?!
Alas, or fortunately, depending on your perspective, I think it's from a fandom you're not in. (Of course, it's also a semi-OC from that fandom, and requires no background knowledge... um... you still want?) :)

How was Dracula? How's the RA?
We're still in Hell Week right now. Opening night is Thursday.

The RA... is still bad, particularly in the morning. I doubt it's going to get much better until the stress of this week is over with.
Sorry to hear that. I hope you enjoy the play enough to make it worth enduring.
*points at redstarrobot* It was all her fault, honest!

And hers is infinitely better than mine. It made me nearly cry. At work. Twice. :)
*looks at you sideways*
What? It was angsty! :)
It's so not my fault. You're the one who brought it up in the first place.

It made me nearly cry. At work. Twice. :)

Woohoo! :)
As something icky! Which I did not want to read! :)
Is it bad that reading all your comments has be interested in this fic? In wanting to read it? In wanting to find out what the hell it is?
Probably. :)
So what is it exactly? *smirks happily* And can you point the way to really good examples of it?
She posted the drabble for all the world to see here. *g*