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londovir- by iamsab

Relapse (my joints are pasteded on, boo)

I don't normally like to bitch about these things in a public forum, but... my RA relapsed a few weeks ago with the change in the weather, and I hurt so much this morning that I cried getting dressed. This is so not a good time with Dracula opening in a few days.



I'm sorry to hear it. A curse on rheuma! Once the production is over, is there a chance you can go and be pampered somewhere?
Does the Burbank Farscape Con count? *g* I'm definitely going to take it easy while there. No all-nighters.

Painkillers an option?
I'm taking a bunch already.

I don't want you to be hurting....
Thank you for the hugs. Hopefully, my recently increased methotrexate dose will kick in soon.
Oh, honey, that's awful! I have PA (psoriatic arthritis) and so I understand a little of what you're feeling. I started getting night sweats and muscle weakness, fatigue and all the other good stuff about three years ago. It took the doctors ages to piece it all together, and they still can't agree on what treatment. (I'm awaiting a rheum consult to see about mtx.)

You're in my prayers. Arthritis is a bitch among bitches. I hope you feel some relief soon, and I'll keep hoping that a remission is in your future.

Chronic illness sucks.