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Rygelthon Master List (will continue to be updated)

Please reply below with the link to your story and I will add it to the list.

selenak wrote Dealing for reblog
suenix wrote Rygel's Little Helpers for kixxa
kernezelda wrote Bargain At the Price for selenak
kixxa wrote Rygel and the 'In' Crowd for hossgal (aka leadensky)
reblog wrote a story that honestly could be A LOT worse for apathocles
apathocles wrote for astrogirl2
bethos wrote for hobsonphile
lonestarkate wrote Bittersweet for bethos
satan_pingu wrote Untitled for suenix
eve11 wrote There Ain't No Good Chain Gang for satan_pingu
astrogirl2 wrote Unrequited for lonestarkate
hobsonphile wrote for eve11
leadensky wrote Art of Peace for kernezelda


Yours is done - check the comments. Sorry it took so long.

- hg
I wrote "Unrequited" for lonestarkate. God help me. :)
I will have mine for Kerne up by the end of the night or tomorrow noon-ish. (Email problems with my beta, after I put it off too long.) But I did not forget!

- hg
i am really truly sorry that all apathy gets is The Most Crap Fic Ever. and yes, that is its official title.

i thought i could learn something from challenging myself. i did - i learnt it's sometimes better to give up than present people with garbage.
Okay, here goes! I wrote There Ain't No Good Chain Gang for satan_pingu
Eep -- I'm going to be a little late. (As in, a little later than I already am.) Sorry! The muses kind of went on holidays without notifying me, and RL has been unexpectedly busy. (Although, I *did* spend today watching the mini for the first time, so at least some of it's fandom-related busy-ness. ;) )

Again, my apologies, to you and to AstroGirl. Next day or two, hopefully. (Am again hideously busy tomorrow -- on a frigging *Sunday* -- but will hopefully be able to sneak some computer time in the evening.)
Isn't he just the most ohmygodadorable thing you've ever seen? *g*

*loves her dead unconscious gay (okay, bi) Gambit*
where did you *find* him?!
he's marvellous!!

*cough*watch me resist the urge to write "marvel-ous". my wit and humour know no bounds.
"a story that honestly could be A LOT worse", huh?

well, ok. i accept that. *g*

if you're interested to see just how much worse it had previously been, i re-posted various other incomplete versions here, because it was apparent that the entire point of the story kind of got lost in the version i posted *g*

um, i'm not sure why i'm advertising that fact, however. oh well. apparently even at my crappest i'm still an attention seeking whore-child.
I didn't bother with a title for mine, but now I think about it - "Untitled" works very well. Thanks hobsonphile!
Between computer issues and unexpected bouts of bronchitis the writing has been much harder than usual, and to compound that the muses have started to sulk. I'll try to finish the story as soon as I can. I'm really sorry about the delay.
Rygel's Little Helpers
for <a href="http://www.livejournal.com/users/kixxa/'>
*Finally* got Kerne's done. Art of Peace.. Many thanks to searose for betaing.

Also? RL sucks. I'm just saying.

- hossgal