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Do you suppose this is a sign that I've been talking about Farscape too much at work?

My co-workers have taken to nicknaming me "Farscape." *g*


Heh. As I was just saying over on my blog page, I came back to work after having a week and a half off, and nobody asked me "How was your vacation?", just, "So, what did you think of the Farscape?" :)
So how was your vacation? :)
It was great! There was Farscape! :)
So, Astro, is Robot your own personal stalker or something? ;)
Apparently so, yes. :)
I couldn't help but notice that everytime you reply to one of my posts, she replies to you. Which is amusing. ;)
Yes, she follows me around online giving me a hard time. I think it's revenge for letting my muse seduce her muse. ;)
Hee. So she still holds Stark's sexy Banik rays against you, huh? *eg*

Hmm. Tonight, there must be picspam. Because Paul is beautiful and I'm suddenly horny. *eg*

Oooh! :)
And that icon of yours is a classic example. Mmmmm. *eg*
So she still holds Stark's sexy Banik rays against you, huh?

She wishes. :)
Nothing so complicated. When I want to talk Farscape (which I do, cuz, hey, it really beats hearing how the designers of the logo for the new DW series had to have their credit removed from the BBC site after receiving hate mail from fans, and the like), the motherlode is your friends list. So I'm actually bothering everyone you know, not just you. And, uh, when I'm done with my above-board conversations, then I give you a hard time, for all your various morally deviant behaviors. :)
Hey, I'm a node! :)
Yes, I've often said that about you... "That Betty is such a node," I'd say. :)
At one job, I got called Trek-girl even though I never talked about Star Trek--it was Farscape and Blake's 7, and not for long either since they had no idea what they were. I suppose Trek was the only SF they'd heard of.
Ooh! New icon!
And here's the other one. Yes, I bought more icon space, but I'll take my time filling it. I have some gorgeous pics waiting for text worthy of them.