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I feel a little like it's December 26th... (Spoilers!)

...or the end of a wonderful vacation. I'm happy- ecstatic- for the experience. But I also feel a post-euphoria let down. The past four months of mainlining Farscape couldn't have ended in a better way. But, as much as I love the universe and the characters- and as much as you all are probably going to hate me for saying this- I think that is the end. There's no where else to go from here. So many of the driving forces have been removed.

I can't, for example, imagine what more they can do with Stark. The whole point- the heart and soul- of his character was his damage, his madness, and his attempts to find redemption and peace. Now that he has found it... he has reached his Z'Ha'Dum (i.e., the place where I believe Sheridan's character development ended in B5). Don't get me wrong- this doesn't mean I'm going to stop writing him or reading fic about him. There's still so much more we don't know about his past. But I think Stark's canon ends here.

And then there's Crichton- the guy with something everyone wants. The pursuit of Crichton was a major element that drove Farscape's overall plot and was the heart and soul of Scorpius. Now this too is gone.

But just so I'm not a complete downer here: SQUEE! The mini was FANTASTIC overall. Great Maker, I think this show does character death better than any other. I felt D'Argo's death the same way I felt Zhaan's, thank's in large part to Chiana's reaction.

Oh, and bestill my John&Stark-OTF-ing heart! I think I did literally squeal when, while John was wading through Moya looking for Stark, he said, "I know how you feel. You have something in your head everyone wants. Something that shouldn't be there in the first place." (Emphasis mine.) John absolutely knew what he did to Stark was wrong (though I am glad, of course, that it helped Stark in the end). And the final scene between them: "Every time we cross paths, I am transformed by the experience." I think I have a title for my otf_manifesto on these two. Because that is so true.

And I love how even in the midst of all of this, this gang can still bring in the humor like nobody's business. I think the only attempt at humor that really fell flat for me was Rygel's reaction post-pregnancy. The rest- pure gold. My favorite comic moment, though, was Stark presiding over Aeryn and John's under fire wedding. As soulonds9 said, "This is the most dysfunctional wedding I've ever seen." *g* Meanwhile, I was giggling over Stark reciting Delvian puberty rites! Muahaha!

There's definitely more I can say here, but I think I'm going to watch it a few more times first. SQUEE!



Oh, I missed exactly what Delvian rights they were; everyone around me was exclaiming loudly how great it was that he was getting hit. :)

I think you're wrong about the canon ending there - it's too pat a way to write out a character for them. Too clean. And, remember, every time Stark's left the mask before, it's to communicate when he was coming back for it. We've seen that exact gesture before.

That was a lot of fun.
everyone around me was exclaiming loudly how great it was that he was getting hit.


And, remember, every time Stark's left the mask before, it's to communicate when he was coming back for it.

Eh... my heart's still mourning this a little. I think, in truth, I just liked him insane. It gave him color. It gave him an edge.
I don't honestly think you need to worry too much. How much credence do you give Stark's estimate that he's sane and fine? Remember, that's what he said when Chiana was trying to feed him (strike one) just before he ran off crazily when Moya dove (strike two). :)

I do think a little more calm would help out his crazy. He's a much more appealing crazy when he's all calm, rather than cringing and scared.
You are an eternal optimist. ;)
No, I just know evil. And I think the Farscape producers have a passing acquaintance with evil, too. Happy, sane, suddenly-fixed Baniks aren't evil. :)
I just hope you're right. I prefer evil. *g*
I have to agree. Crazy Stark is fun. But, y'know, even if he's saner, is he going to stop being Stark? Might he not still be a little crazy, just in a more functional way? After all, Farscape doesn't exactly have the tradition of fixing character's problems by waving a magic wand. The more I think about it, the more I think there are perhaps still places to go with him. Maybe getting his sanity back is a process he's started, not something he's accomplished.

Ooh, there so must be fic...
You know, I think you pinged my feeling right there. It was too easy. He has a fling with the Purple Light of Peace (to use searose's cute phrase) and suddenly he's all better? I have a hard time accepting that given the extent of the trauma he's suffered (which I imagine reaches far beyond filmed canon).

What he said to John sounded pretty final to me. Making it a process would've been much more fulfilling.
It's meta rather than canon, I know, but I tend to blame the 22-hours-compressed-into-4 nature of the miniseries for glossing over things quite a lot, and am actually feeling quite happy to expand them out in my head. :)

We'll see if that attitude survives repeated viewings, though...
I agree that this feels like an ending to canon (although I'm also quite sure that there are more things they could do if the opportunity arose). But that actually makes me feel happy. What I really wanted was a conclusion, something that tied up a few loose ends. There's nothing I hate more than a story that stops in the middle. Whether this is an ending ending or just a chapter ending, it's left me feeling much more satisfied.

But, no, if we do get more Farscape in the future, I don't think we're going to be seeing Stark again, at least not as a regular.

And, oh, man, now I'm thinking that we could maybe have had this as a season arc for him and... No. I'm not going to upset myself with thoughts of What Might Have Been, 'cause I really am happy with what we got.

Ooh, are you writing a Stark&John essay? Please say you are, please, please, please! :)

I am indeed. *g*