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londovir- by iamsab

Grr! (Spoilers)

Yes. I definitely should avoid other Farscape discussion boards...

...because now I feel like punching several of my fellow fans in the nose. How soulless can you be to enjoy Stark getting kicked and pushed around and violated? Thanks, but I think I'll stay in my nice, warm, fuzzy cocoon of Stark love.

Clearly, I need a "Defender of Stark" icon. *g*



Who said that?! Grrrr!

That's it. We're forming a Stark Defense League Now. Hmm. I think I know a couple of people to hit up for Stark icons... :)
*brandishes sword*
People can be so obnoxious. It should be quite clear to any intelligent viewer that what they did to Stark was not supposed to be considered a good thing.
I know. The looks on their faces said it all. Not to mention a line John has in part II...
You're watching Peacekeeper wars?
I've just finished, in fact.
I was watchin' with a bunch of folks who kept saying "Fucking Stark!" at every opportunity and asking "Is he dead yet?" So, y'know...
They totally did not help the Stark-love. And I have this alien in my head who's annoyed about that.
Awww! That's so sweet. :)
Hey, I'm all for the idea of fucking Stark! :)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know all about you fucking Stark. :)
He turned me down, though, apparently. :(
Awww. That, uh, doesn't seem like him. :)
(And I enjoyed it, but not in a sadistic way. More in a "cool Stark stuff!" way.) :)
Oh, yes, as an angst fan I enjoyed it. But it still left me wanting to hit people for hurting him. :)

Trying to be fair

Perhaps they were enjoying it in a "wonderful, character torture, how well done" kind of way.


Re: Trying to be fair

I certainly enjoyed it on that level. But no, this was definitely, "Good, I'm glad he's being smacked around because he's a whiny little bitch." Which makes me see red. Have they no decency? The poor guy's been tortured within an inch of his life. Have some sympathy, for frell's sake.
par_avion has gotten hold of the script for Part I, and it will please you to hear that the stage directions for the scene in question are crystal clear: "What follows is horrible", "it is like rape", "like a pack of rabid dogs, they fall on him" (because in the script, it was going to be Scorpius and Sikozu in addition to Aeryn and John). So, if some benighted viewers think it wasn meant as comic relief, guess what that says about them?

Here's an intriguing and twisted bit, though - in the script, John hears Zhaan's voice telling him Stark can be the carrier, which is how he gets the idea.
Oh, thank the Great Maker, I feel so validated now. soulonds9 looked at me cross-eyed when I tried to explain it to him, but that's exactly what it felt like to me- rape. And even John and Aeryn had the decency to realize that.

All of this, incidentally, fits nicely into the central "How far would you go to protect your family?" theme. Crichton's answer? He's not above virtually raping a friend. My moral ambiguity is pasteded on, yay!

Zhaan... there's one way I might be able to explain that notion, but I can't discuss it with you until you finish part II. *g*
Yes, you felt it was like rape because the creators intended it to feel that way.

Mind you, considering what John was willing to do in Prayer, again to save Aeryn & the sprog, this doesn't surprise me. There was a lot of debate at the time season 4 was broadcast as I recall about whether or not the creators meant for us to condemm these actions. I was somewhat surprised someone doubted this - I mean, Sikozu/Stark, Chiana/Aeryn et al were clearly presented as innocents, and even though Scorpius was the one who actually shot the later, John did shoot Jool/D'Argo before, and besides, the later action was a Sisko 'n Garak thing. You don't bring Scorpy along when you're not willing to do certain things.
Yes. redstarrobot actually brought Prayer up in astrogirl2's journal in reply to Astro's outraged reaction to the end of part I, and I thought it was an absolutely legitimate parallel.

Of course, John came with a rationalization- Sikozu!Stark et. al. were going to be dead in half an arn anyway. Which doesn't make it right, but the thought process is understandably human.

Actually, check that:

It was astrogirl2 who brought up Prayer. Robot brought up DNA Mad Scientist.