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Nothing coherent as of yet

I still have to process things. *g* But, I think I may have successfully 'scaped my brother, soulonds9. With much begging and pleading and arm twisting, I convinced him to watch the mini with me. And he seemed to be engaged the whole time. I did have to answer a lot of questions, though. And I still have to convince him to see the virtue of the Stark love. He's putting up a tough resistance, but I will prevail, damn it! *g*


Awww! There needs to be Stark love!

I've been told to watch my spoilers in comments, so I won't say anything specific, just mention that there was Yet Another Moment here where I desperately wanted to step though my TV and put an arm around the guy...
Only an arm? You must not love him as much as you did last week...

Yes, running now. ;)
*snerk* Well, you know, it was kind of public and in the middle of a crisis and stuff... ;)
Exactly how Stark likes it, right? :)
Um... No.
Okay, okay, maybe not the "in public" part. But I've been led to believe you're not to picky about that. :)
Okay, if y'all are going to have funny conversations in my journal, I want to play too. ;)
Me too!
Sorry. ;)
That was once!
I'd been led to believe that your, ahem, privacy-deficient prior lifestyle had made it simply a non-issue, in general.
Oh, yes, That Moment.
Yes. And nobody else was paying any attention to the poor, poor boy. *sniff*

*hugs Stark*
They were, it was just sort of clinical attention. :)
Though to give them some credit, there was quite a bit going on at the time. Still:

*hugs Stark*