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londovir- by iamsab

I want Kit Kats and M&M's!


So, yes. I am currently marathoning my way through the rest of the fourth season to prepare for tonight. Normally, I would've planned this better, but RL got in the way between school and Dracula and work.

I've just finished the third collection and will be moving on to the fourth in a moment. But first: Oh. My. God. The alien moments in Kansas were some of the funniest scenes ever. Misinterpreting the middle finger! Rygel on a sugar high! (And did he bring McDonald's food back to Moya, or was I seeing things?) "No... yes... bite me..." Oh, and I was afraid I was actually going to explode from the cuteness of Aeryn watching TV.

And Braca is just everyone's bitch, isn't he? Scorpy/Braca!

Ahem. Anyway, back to the show...


Yes, Braca is.*g*

And Rygel on a sugar high is adorable. Also, a great scene for my Farscape OTP as he and John lounge on a couch together, and John kisses him (again).*g*