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londovir- by iamsab

Ooh, this meme is neat!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a drabble with the same first line as one of my stories, and leave it in my comments here. Any fandom, any pairing or gen, and you can interpret "drabble" as loosely as you want.

I tried to pick the most general opening lines I could find, but a couple are fandom specific.

At once, the congenial sounds of the room disappeared, leaving behind a tense and heavy silence.

He had to see him.

Vir was early.

They say I should introduce myself, but I don't really know what to say or how to begin.

I wonder whether believing in fate, in destiny, has actually doomed us to our current circumstance.

It’s funny how the most random things pass through your mind when you’re lying awake, too nervous to let sleep take you.

Vir Cotto knows the power of touch.

When I was little, I daydreamed about being hugged.

I am feeling well, though a little tired, this morning.

As the sun touches the waves, it fills the horizon with a shimmering pink light that fades to a deep violet as it reaches up into the heavens.


nothing new here, but...hey, it's my first b5 ficlet!

Vir was early. He'd made a point of it his first week on the station, having discovered very quickly that jollying the ambassador into presentability took ingenuity and time. The second week, he began to suspect that Mollari was making a game of it, amused by his oversized nanny. By the third week, it had all become habit.

Vir was reconsidering that habit. Yesterday he'd come to Londo's room just as the dancer was leaving. She had been graceful, Vir red-faced. Londo had seemed amused at the time, but later that day had stopped at a Zocalo vendor on the way to a meeting and abruptly handed Vir a handheld game. "Here--keep yourself amused. I don't need you in my room every second of every day, ah?"

Today the dancer hadn't even left yet. Vir could hear--more than he wanted to. Sickly ashamed of his own involuntary curiosity, he walked out of the suite and stood in the hall. Perhaps if he were early for the meeting the others would forgive Londo's inevitable lateness.

By the end of the week, Vir could add "temporary representative of the Centauri Republic" to his resume. Moreover, he had acquired three new habits: an addiction to video games, a tendency to pause and take a deep breath before walking into Londo's suite, and a habit of forgiving his employer.

Re: nothing new here, but...hey, it's my first b5 ficlet!

Oh, yay! That's so very, very cute! *g* I do hope you'll consider writing more!

Re: nothing new here, but...hey, it's my first b5 ficlet!

Are you sure? 'Cos the other one I had in mind was Cartagia talking to his pet heads....:)

Re: nothing new here, but...hey, it's my first b5 ficlet!

Ha! Just wait until you see what I'm writing for the Londothon...

In other words, yes, by all means, write the Cartagia story. *g*