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londovir- by iamsab

Ooh, this meme is neat!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a drabble with the same first line as one of my stories, and leave it in my comments here. Any fandom, any pairing or gen, and you can interpret "drabble" as loosely as you want.

I tried to pick the most general opening lines I could find, but a couple are fandom specific.

At once, the congenial sounds of the room disappeared, leaving behind a tense and heavy silence.

He had to see him.

Vir was early.

They say I should introduce myself, but I don't really know what to say or how to begin.

I wonder whether believing in fate, in destiny, has actually doomed us to our current circumstance.

It’s funny how the most random things pass through your mind when you’re lying awake, too nervous to let sleep take you.

Vir Cotto knows the power of touch.

When I was little, I daydreamed about being hugged.

I am feeling well, though a little tired, this morning.

As the sun touches the waves, it fills the horizon with a shimmering pink light that fades to a deep violet as it reaches up into the heavens.


At once, the congenial sounds of the room disappeared, leaving behind a tense and heavy silence.

All eyes turned to the young man standing in the middle of the room, with a fire extinguisher.

"I....I....just thought you should know," he stammered. "My friend is an electrical inspector you see. That Christmas tree has bad wiring. LOOK OUT!"

It had all happened so quickly. The young man shouting to get out, the tree on fire, put out by the man with his extinguisher and he was gone. Who was he? How did he know?

Life as usual for the guy who gets tomorrow's paper.
Hee! Cute. *g*

Darned good writing--for a supervillian.
Now that's interesting- and different. Thank you!

And badly full of typos, I deleted the original

Vir Cotto knows the power of touch. A sincerely shaken hand, a well-placed shoulder clasp, a hearty back-slap. These are all political tools and Londo has taught him well.

On Minbar, he touches no one. The Minbari do not welcome the physical familiarity. When he returns, he is reticent and works not to flinch from Mollari’s constant ersatz contact.

Lennier understands. They meet for drinks, and sometimes for more. Lennier has two hands, and no pseudopods, but he is gentle, and does not flinch from the touch of Vir’s tentacles.

Touch is powerful, Vir knows. It connects, controls, and binds.

nothing new here, but...hey, it's my first b5 ficlet!

Vir was early. He'd made a point of it his first week on the station, having discovered very quickly that jollying the ambassador into presentability took ingenuity and time. The second week, he began to suspect that Mollari was making a game of it, amused by his oversized nanny. By the third week, it had all become habit.

Vir was reconsidering that habit. Yesterday he'd come to Londo's room just as the dancer was leaving. She had been graceful, Vir red-faced. Londo had seemed amused at the time, but later that day had stopped at a Zocalo vendor on the way to a meeting and abruptly handed Vir a handheld game. "Here--keep yourself amused. I don't need you in my room every second of every day, ah?"

Today the dancer hadn't even left yet. Vir could hear--more than he wanted to. Sickly ashamed of his own involuntary curiosity, he walked out of the suite and stood in the hall. Perhaps if he were early for the meeting the others would forgive Londo's inevitable lateness.

By the end of the week, Vir could add "temporary representative of the Centauri Republic" to his resume. Moreover, he had acquired three new habits: an addiction to video games, a tendency to pause and take a deep breath before walking into Londo's suite, and a habit of forgiving his employer.

Re: nothing new here, but...hey, it's my first b5 ficlet!

Oh, yay! That's so very, very cute! *g* I do hope you'll consider writing more!

Re: nothing new here, but...hey, it's my first b5 ficlet!

Are you sure? 'Cos the other one I had in mind was Cartagia talking to his pet heads....:)

Re: nothing new here, but...hey, it's my first b5 ficlet!

Ha! Just wait until you see what I'm writing for the Londothon...

In other words, yes, by all means, write the Cartagia story. *g*
No time right now for the delightful meme, due to frightful book fair business, which brings me to my problem: I might be late with my Rygelthon entry for some days.
No problem. *g* Just get it in when you can.
Thank you, oh understanding one. In other news, I did some quick entry and replying for Londo, and Londo has just decided to inflict a recovering Damar on Timov when she travels back to Centauri Prime. Check it out in the replies to Londo's latest entry and keep in in mind for Timov.

Here ya go!

I am feeling well, though a little tired, this morning. Thank you for asking, Lord Vinta. You're not looking too well yourself. A bit green. I suppose I'll have to have someone take you away. And I think you're one of my favorites. I even brought your daughter in to see you, but was she grateful? No. Little minx starts shrieking and howling. You'd think she'd be happy to see her dear old father once more.

Where was I? Ah. Tired. I don't think any of you realize how much work it is, being Emperor. Every little thing. That Narn, taking up everybody's time like that with his silence. Mollari and that aide of his looked nearly as tired as I felt. But no doubt they'll be sleeping late this morning, while I--I, the emperor--must rise early to see that the sun comes up. It almost didn't, yesterday. The sky was quite dark when I woke, and the sun kept me waiting nearly half an hour. There won't be any of those tricks when I'm a god.

You know, Vinta, I was almost thinking of making your daughter a goddess with me? I was very pleased with her, up until that disgraceful display she put us all through in here. Now it's all one more tiresome detail. If some girl hangs herself after I've graced her with my presence, is it my fault? Why do they come after me asking for explanations? Silly bitch was mad. She fooled us for a while, but everyone knows mad people can be cunning.

I don't care for the way you look at me, Vinta. You don't have to be here, you know. You could be out on a pike in the courtyard. I could replace you easily. In fact, sometimes I think Mollari would be more use to me in here. But then I wouldn't have him around to see to details, like that stupid girl and that useless Narn. Oh, don't quarrel with me, Lord Vinta. I'm so tired this morning, and you're always so understanding.

Re: Here ya go!

Muahaha. How delightfully evil. ;)

Re: Here ya go!

*faints in joy, rereads fic and faints again*


*ahem* sorry It would seem someone else has been bitten by the Cartagia bug!

*squees* this was so sick, twisted and so delightfully perverse I loved it!
Wow this was a really touching drabble about Vir. I love how you make him so insightful and gentle at the sametime. Its as though he is so wise yet he doesn't have the faintest clue about his wisdom...
At once, the congenial sounds of the room disappeared, leaving behind a tense and heavy silence.

Scott looked around. All his colleagues were pretending not to stare at him, but noone were completely successful. He should have known it would be like this, should have known that they'd be awkward aroung him, though they all claimed to believe him.
He knew that in reality it was only Steven who believed him, and that belief, Scott felt, was only half-hearted. He couldn't understand that they would think so lowly of him.
He turned around and left the faculty lounge.

*This could however be a part of the fanfic I'm currently writing on. Will post it at ff.net when it's finished... Hope you'll read... and like:)*
When I was little, I daydreamed about being hugged.

Hugged by my father, that is. My mother cared for me, loved me. My father... I suppose he may have loved me too, in his own way. But his way was not tender, or even loving. He'd been taught that discipline was the way to raise a child, and so he did. I never cared much for my father. I guess that's why I've created a father figure for myself in a man who is younger than I. Steven is who I turn to for comfirmation, critisism, and help. I guess that father figure is better than none...
It’s funny how the most random things pass through your mind when you’re lying awake, too nervous to let sleep take you.

I know this full well. I experience it every night. I don't know why I can't rest. I've been tense almost all my life. I can't remember what it was like to be relaxed. I don't even know when the tension and the nervousness started being part of who I am. All I know for sure is that is was sometime during those hellish weeks following my mother's death. Until then, what my father did wouldn't matter, since I could always go to my mother for comfort. But she died. He killed her, piece by piece, until there was only a small piece left for her to take herself. And so, the tension, and the fear, crept into my bones, my heart, yes, into my very soul. And it won't go away. Ever.