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londovir- by iamsab

Allow me to introduce a new term for the fandom dictionary:


One True Friendship

Will this gain in popularity? I'm not sure. But I do think it's needed, just as the term "ampersand" was needed. *g* Actually, I'm almost tempted to start a community, modeled on ship_manifesto, based on this concept. Because, being a gen writer at heart, I really do feel even stronger about my favorite friendships than I do about my favorite pairings.

As much as I love and squee over Londo/G'Kar, Londo&Vir really occupies the biggest place in my heart. This is the relationship I love writing the most and the relationship I'm most known for.

And as much as I am excited at the prospect of diving into Stark/Zhaan 'shipper-dom, I find myself even more thrilled at the prospect of exploring the relationship between Stark and John, especially after re-watching Nerve/The Hidden Memory recently and seeing John Quixote for the first time. (Oh, and seeing the intriguing frames in the miniseries trailer as well.) I looove unresolved issues and points of conflict. Plus, John and Stark are just so incredibly... cute together during their escape from the Gammak Base. I wish I had a better word to describe it, but "cute" is the only word coming to mind at the moment. *g*

Now, back to the Starkathon fic...


Dude! We *do* share a brain! *g* I've always been more interested in the friendships than the romantic attachments of most of my favorite characters. And I think I've always had an OTF in every fandomm I've written in, although I've rarely had an OTP. There was never really a name for it, though ... *squeee*

And I was very, very disappointed that the writers never really developed the Stark and John interaction any more than they did, after The Hidden Memory. *offers carrots for hungry little plotbunnies* *g*

For most of my OTFs, at least half the pairing was only in one or two episodes ... I have a thing for redshirts, I guess. Especially when they die tragically. *flashes back to days of writing SG-1 fic, and wonders if anyone would read an essay on my SG OTF*

*wanders off mumbling* And how would you categorize Crais and Teeg? I’m not convinced they weren’t having sex, but still . . . they’re Peacekeepers. And I don’t really think either of them thought of their relationship as being at all romantic, sex or no sex . . .
You'll find I'm pretty lenient when it comes to content. *g* So if you want to do your SG-1 OTF- or Crais&Teeg *g*- feel free. I'd read those essays at least. *g*