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alara_r's fanon meme

selenak is incommunicado for all things theatrical_muse related, as is iamsab, and I'm all alone and bored. *sniff* (Though astrogirl2 did alleviate some of that last night, so hugs to her and Stark. *g*)

At any rate, meme-age. B5 still being my primary fandom, most of this commentary will be B5 related:

Fanons you like:

Londo/G'Kar: What? But theirloveissocanon! Er, actually, no, not precisely, though there is a lot of subtext in canon, my essay on which will be posted to ship_manifesto on October 1st. The biggest reason I love Londo/G'Kar fanon, besides the snark and angst and the ISSUES, is the fact that its writers, generally speaking, don't ignore the other important relationships which have shaped these characters, Londo in particular. Thus, Londo/G'Kar writers have also been known to write Londo/Adira, Londo/Urza, Londo/Timov, and Londo&Vir ampersand. omgOTP! in its truest sense is anathema.

Brachiarte: A fanon-invented (by andrastewhite, to give credit where credit is due) word for Londo's tentacles. And thank the Great Maker we have a word now. *g*

Fanon Lennier: kakodaimon, deborah_judge, and eye_of_a_cat all give us a great picture of a young man whose upbringing did not equip him to deal with normal sentient desires, pounding his muddled character arc into comprehensible submission. I particularly like the issues of balance that crop up in deborah_judge's Delenn/Lennier series, with the Minbari in the Third Age trying to find their way between desire and obedience, between home and universe. Those issues have influenced my own interpretation of Vir and the Centauri quite a bit, though they are trying to come to that center from the other side.

selenak's Centauri: Truly, all of us Centauriphiles are taking our cues from Se, whose understanding of Londo's world is probably the richest of all. She's shown us the politics, the art, the folk legends, and the music, and reminds us of the different social strata that render the imperial Centauri far from monolithic as a species.

Fanons you hate:

Marcus should be unfrozen: No. He shouldn't. Now, I admit, I never really liked him particularly and my opinion is colored by that fact. But honestly, which is the more engaging love story? The one in which the couple comes together, picks out china patterns, and lives happily ever after? Or the one in which two people who have an underlying attraction fail to grow in the ways necessary to make the pairing work? The one in which one of the characters makes the ultimate, permanent sacrifice to express a love he could never express in any other way because the other character could not learn to trust? To bring Marcus back would cheapen his tragedy. He should stay well and truly dead. (As should Sirius Black in the HP series, by the way. And as, I think, should Zhaan.)

Fanons or fanfic trends you started or popularized:

Londo/G'Kar: I wasn't alone in the upswell, but my innocent joke a year ago did seem to be one of the catalysts. And I think it also helps that there's now a place for these fics to be posted- a place I created. *g* That's my biggest fandom-related strength, I think. I'm not a terribly prolific writer, but I do encourage others.

Vir was emotionally neglected in childhood: This isn't being used by large numbers of people, but my extrapolation from a few lines in canon has made it into the works of a few other authors. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not, but this is the interpretation that helped me make sense of Vir's emotional attachment to Londo despite his deep moral objection to Londo's politics, and I have to admit it is gratifying to see others adopt it.

Fanons of your own you wish other people would steal more often:

Centauri Prime was an ancient battleground for the Vorlons and the Shadows- and the Shadows won: I think this is an origins story that begs to be written.

ETA: A meme by spoonishly.

Your Lifetime Made For TV Movie by whitelight1
You are played byYasmine Bleeth
Your love interesttimov_of_algul
Your love interest is played by:Kyle Secor
Your afflictionAlcoholism
Villain is played byThomas Calabro
OutcomeBasic plotYou're thrown into a Mexican prison
OutcomeYou are locked up in a mental institution
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Dude, this has to be the tenth meme I've taken for Vir that casts Timov as his love interest. What's up with that? *g*
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