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The Londothon assignments are out.

Again, I hope I haven't terrified anyone. *g* I did put some thought into it.


On the contrary, I looked at it and thought 'oh, I can do that in my sleep'. So thank you *g*.
Heh. Yes, it was easiest to match up the writers I knew to the right assignments. *g*
Say, you would likely know--has anyone written fic about Cartagia becoming a god? He did ask the Shadows about it, and we know how obliging they are....

(Just have this mental image of him waking up as some really pathetic little deity--maybe of that island that got blown up--and being really ticked off.)
Heh. No, none that I've seen. And I think I've seen almost all the Centauri fic there is.

It's amusing to contemplate, though. *g*
"Hello, where are my six virgin attendants? The children strewing flowers in my path? Li, baby, we were supposed to have dinner last night..."
Terrific idea. I especially like him becoming god of poor blown-up Selini.*g* And I'm having strong Neil Gaiman associations now, since he had some great ideas about what happens to gods without worshippers...

BTW, Hobs, no complaints about my assignment.*g*
I was thinking of Terry Pratchett's Small Gods myself.

*suddenly has this image of Cartagia smiting Vir's eyebrow with a very tiny lightning bolt*
Considering Small Gods was one of the inspirations for American Gods (and is acknowledged as such in the afterword), that completely fits with my idea.*g*

I don't see Cartagia as a turtle, though. He's more the tooth grub type...
Or spoo! *g*

Argh! Save me from the silly fanfic ideas! *g*